Have you ever stopped and thought about the cost of being a wedding guest? If you have recently been to a wedding then the chances are you have thought about it and know only too well that it can be a costly affair. A recent survey conducted by Experian showed that 1 in every 20 wedding guests had to borrow money to attend, it also found that the cost of attending a wedding as guests had caused an argument between almost 1 in 4 couples. Some of the costs to attend a wedding include, travel, outfits, a present for the… View Post


I have been a part of the blogging world for over three years now and in that time it has changed a lot. For the first couple of years I lived in my own little bubble but over the last year I have been more aware of the potential negative side to blogging. You might have guessed from the title I’m talking about online identity theft. This can be having a photograph or article taken from your blog down to having someone impersonate you.  In fact, I recently read that fellow blogger Em from Em Talks had her identity stolen.… View Post


Is there anything better than walking through your front door and being met with a lovely scent that fills your whole house? I love filling the house with different fragrances and making it smell gorgeous. I used to do this with candles or my wax burner but after receiving a new to the market Yankee Candle Scenterpiece, I have been converted! At the moment there are 5 different Scenterpieces to choose from, although it isn’t a huge range there are different colours and designs so there should be something to suit everyone’s decor. I chose the Robyn UK Scenterpiece, it… View Post


If you have a low immune system and find yourself picking up illness after illness, you might be interested to know there are foods which can help increase your immunity. The great thing about immunity boosting food is the fact they are easy to incorporate into your daily life as they are everyday foods such as yoghurt, oats and garlic. I have listed 5 foods below which are well known for their immunity-boosting properties. Yoghurt This might not be an obvious choice when talking about boosting your immunity, but over the last couple of years there has been a lot… View Post


It’s that time of the month again, time to talk about what was inside this month’s Degustabox! I really liked the content of this months box, it had a good mix of products and a lot I hadn’t tried before which is always good. There were a few drinks, including a bottle of Lambrini which is the perfect summer BBQ drink. There were a couple of Tasty Little Number meals and also a few snack items, so a pretty good mix of items. My favourite item this month was the Say Yes To No toasted bread chips, I hadn’t tried… View Post