I have never had great vision, having strabismus when I was a small child and then surgery to correct it my vision has never been perfect. I wore glasses for a couple of years during high school but then stopped wearing them and didn’t go back to the opticians until I noticed that my eyesight wasn’t as good as it once was.

When I finally went to the opticians they told me I was long sighted in one eye and short-sighted in the other – we all like to be different right! My right eye doesn’t have much of a prescription and I don’t wear a contact in the right eye either but the sight in my left eye isn’t great at seeing detail.

More often than not I wear my glasses rather than wearing contacts, when I first started wearing contacts they irritated my eyelid so I only wear them occasionally now in the hope that I will get used to them. Glasses are really popular at the moment and I have never had a worry about wearing them, there are so many frames and designs to choose from. I chose my glasses around 2 years ago now and love them, they suit my face shape and look smart.

There have been occasions when I have been in a rush and left the house without my glasses or contacts and after a few minutes it hits me that I can’t focus properly and I had to go back to get them. It’s only when I don’t wear my glasses or contacts that I realise just how bad my eyesight is.

I have thought about laser eye surgery in the past to improve my sight, it is quite costly but I think if it can improve my eyesight then it’s worth every penny. Optical Express offer laser eye surgery, in fact they are the number one provider of laser eye surgery in Europe. Unfortunately I had to put the thought of laser eye surgery to the back of my mind for the time being as earlier in the year I had surgery on my eye but it is something I will look into again as soon as I can.

If you think you need glasses or have noticed any changes in your sight make an appointment with your optician – don’t risk your eyesight.

Have you thought about having laser eye surgery? Or have you had laser eye surgery. I would love to know your experience if you have had the surgery.

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I enjoy having the odd takeaway but I don’t enjoy the prices that companies charge. Personally I think many of them are overpriced and unless I can find a money off code or voucher I don’t order as I can’t justify paying so much for one meal.

Luckily for me I am a bargain hunter. If I need to buy something I will wait until there is an offer on or I will look for a discount code which will usually be 10 or 20 percent off. 

My favourite takeaway is pizza, pepperoni pizza to be specific – YUM! Last weekend was one of those weekends when I fancied a treat, an evening with my sister and nephew, a DVD and a takeaway. The first thing I did when we all agreed on pizza was to look for a discount code, one of the good things about Domino’s is the fact you can almost always find a discount code if you are patient and have a look around. I found a discount code which gave me 50% off orders over £30! That’s my kind of offer and it meant that we got a few extra things such as Ben and Jerry’s Fudge Brownie ice cream (heaven!). The code is active until the end of the month so if you’re planning to have a takeaway make sure you head over to My Voucher Codes and take advantage of the great offer.

If you want to have a takeaway for dinner but you’re on a tight budget then I have a few tips below which might help you get that delicious takeaway without breaking the bank.

  • Search online for a discount code. You might get lucky and find a code in the first 5 minutes or it might take you 20 minutes but if you manage to find a code and save money on your takeaway it’s all worth it.
  • Take a look at the takeaway company’s social media pages. Often companies will share discount codes on Twitter and Facebook so it’s always worth having a look.
  • If you are open to a few options for dinner, for example, Chinese, Indian or pizza then you will have more chance of finding a good offer or discount code. If you are set on the type of meal you want you might not be able to find a discount code so it definitely helps to be flexible.

If you have any tips on enjoying a takeaway on a budget do let me know as I’m always keen to pick up new tips and tricks on ways to enjoy delicious food whilst saving money.

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With Father’s Day just around the corner I thought I would share some gift ideas with you – I can’t be the only person who finds it difficult to buy for the men in my life! I have included a wide range of items which should mean there’s something that everyone will like, there are gift ideas for fitness fans, keen gardeners, travelling dads and more.

Lexon Power Bank

 The Lexon Fine Power Bank from Gifts with Style is perfect for dads on the go, whether he spends long hours at work, weekends away fishing or is always travelling this clever little gadget will make sure he can always stay connected. The Power Bank is super stylish with it’s sleek design and burgundy colour, it can provide one full charge for most smartphones and thanks to it’s compact design it is super portable.


ifit Active

For the active dad who wants to keep fit the iFit Active would make a great gift. The iFit provides insight, support and inspiration to help achieve a healthier more balanced lifestyle. The clever gadget works around the clock to track calories, activity and sleep, it also provides real time stats which lets you keep up to date with your targets. You can set activity goals for steps, distance or calories burned and the iFit will alert you of your progress, tell you when you have reached your goal and when you have hit a personal best. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. 



If your dad loves cooking in the kitchen or cooking up a storm on the BBQ then how about some kitchen tools that will help him create culinary masterpieces in no time at all. Oxo have a great range of kitchen tools and accessories which will help make his life in the kitchen easy and enjoyable.



If your dad loves homely gifts with style then a personalised cushion is sure to make him smile. Cushions are available from Haberdash with prices starting from just £14 and can be personalised with a picture or pictures of your choice. The cushions are made using quality products and are only dispatched after clearing quality checks so you will always get a great product that won’t disappoint.

fiskarsgardenGardening is something a lot of people enjoy, whether it simply be keeping the garden tidy or if it’s turning the garden into a little bit of paradise then perhaps some gardening tools would be well received this Father’s Day. Fiskars are renowned worldwide for their cutting edge design and it’s easy to see why. Fiskars has a wide range of products for the home, garden and outdoors.



If you’re looking to add a personal touch to Father’s Day how about a cute mug with a family photo on it or a photo book full of family pictures. Truprint lets you personalise a wide range of products, including, cards, canvas prints, mugs, photo books and lots more. If you are really stuck for a gift idea then a personalised gift is always an option, there’s something so touching about receiving a gift that is personalised, especially if it’s personalised with a photo.



Braun offer a whole host of male grooming products which would make a great gift for dad. There are facial styling products, body grooming products and shavers & trimmers, there is a product to suit everyone and all budgets.  As well as the men’s grooming products Braun also sells stylish watches and clocks which would also make a lovely gift.



For the fashion loving dads out there how about some socks with style from Fat Buddha. Not only do socks never go wrong but these colourful and stylish socks come in a lovely presentation box. 



What are you getting your dad this Father’s Day?

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New Look Pure Colour Makeup Review

New Look Pure Colour Makeup Review

When I made a trip to New Look recently I was excited to see they had brought out a new range of makeup products. At the time I couldn’t stop to see what was on offer as I was in a rush but I have now had the opportunity to have a look online and also to try out some of the Pure Colour range so I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

I was asked to get involved with New Look’s beauty on a shoestring campaign, I was asked to see if I could create a makeup look using their new range of beauty products from the Pure Colour range. I was really intrigued to see just what the new Pure Colour range had to offer so I jumped at the chance. I was given a budget of £25 to buy products from the new range to create a makeup look. I decided to concentrate on the eyes, you might be able to tell from the four eyeshadows ha ha! What can I say they caught my eye straight away – they are gorgeous! As well as the four eyeshadows I chose a gorgeous pink lipstick, a brown eyeliner and a lovely coral nail polish, the final total for all of the products was £24.93 – bargain! So what did I think of the new range…?

New Look Pure Colour Sweet Rose Lipstick Review

New Look Pure Colour Lipstick

Pure Colour Lipstick 

I’m more of a lip gloss girl than lipstick but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and opted for a lipstick in the colour #75 Sweet Rose. Unfortunately, I found the formula to be quite drying and it didn’t have a lot of staying power so I had to keep re-applying it. Although there are a few negatives I do really love the colour, it’s a lovely soft pink which is quite sheer but you can build up the colour depending on how you want it to look. Overall I’m willing to overlook the fact you need to apply it often as I love the colour and at just £3.99 it’s really reasonably priced. Next time I’m in store I’m going to see if I can pick up another colour or two.

New Look Eyeshadow Review

 Pure Colour Baked Eyeshadows

How gorgeous is the new range of baked eyeshadows! I really liked the look of the range when I saw it online. There are five different shades in the range, gold, mid brown, stone, cream and grey. I got the Mid Brown which is a really nice medium brown shade with a subtle shimmer, the Cream which is beautiful shimmery shade, Stone which is a gorgeous shimmery bronze shade, and Gold (pictured above bottom right) which is more of a greyish shade with a subtle gold shimmer through it (see swatches below). I was really impressed with the eyeshadows, they are really pigmented, easy to blend and don’t fade. I’m hoping they expand this range to include more colours and perhaps a matte range too.

New Look Pure Colour Eyeliner Review

 Pure Colour Eyeliner

When it comes to eyeliners I normally choose black, on this occasion I wanted a more subtle look to go with the eyeshadows so I opted for the brown and I’m glad I did. I really like the mid brown colour, it applies really easily using the soft pencil nib, and is long lasting. This is definitely one to pick up when you’re next in store as it’s priced at just £1.99 and could easily rival more expensive eyeliners.

New Look Pure Colour Nail Polish Review

New Look Nail Varnish Review

 Pure Colour Nail Polish

As well as the makeup range there is a new range of nail polishes! Since we are almost into the summer months I decided to choose a nice summery shade – Coral #83. I think the packaging is nice, the brush is okay as nail varnish brushes go but I did find that the product is a little on the runny side. Although on the website it is described as being ‘a unique one coat formula’ I didn’t find this to be true and had to give it 2 coats to get good coverage. On a positive note it dries very quickly which is great as I always manage to smudge my nails when it doesn’t dry quickly. 

New Look Pure Colour SwatchesNew Look Pure Colour Swatches

Overall I was impressed with the Pure Colour range. The packaging is sleek and smart, there is a good choice of products/colours available and the products are really good value for money. I will definitely be picking up the eyeliner again and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more eyeshadow colours. I would highly recommend giving the products a try for yourself.

Now on to the makeup look I created with the products, I decided to create a subtle summery look. I used a tinted moisturiser as the base (not from New Look), I then concentrated on my eyes, I used the cream shade all over my eyelids and on the inner corner, I then applied the stone colour to the outer edge and in the crease to create some definition. The finishing touch to my eyes was the brown eyeliner which I smudged out slightly to give it a more subtle look. Lastly, I applied the lovely Sweet Rose lipstick and voila – a quick but very cute and summer makeup look. 

New Look make up3

 Have you tried anything from the New Look Pure Colour Range? What did you think?

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London Big Ben

I love visiting London. Unfortunately, I don’t get the chance to visit as often as I would like – once or twice a year at most. When I do visit it’s usually for a special event such as a concert or festival. There are so many amazing places to visit and things to do in London I thought I would share my top 5 things I want to do in London wishlist. It’s quite a random list as I thought I would choose a few different things. I won’t be able to do all of the things on my list this year but if I manage one or two a year I would be more than happy.

Visit the English National Opera

I would love to see a show at the Opera, it’s something I have always wanted to do but haven’t got around to yet, but I’m determined to change that. I know it’s something my mum and sister would also love and it would be great to get dressed up and enjoy a fantastic show together especially in such a grand building as the ENO. I have had a look at the shows running at the ENO and really like the sound of The Queen of Spades which is showing throughout June. The Queen of Spades is the story of an impoverished army officer who finds out an aged countess knows the secret to winning at cards and he is determined to wrestle the secret from her no matter the cost – even death! It is described as a dark masterpiece and sounds like an exciting performance. It has already got lots of rave reviews which isn’t a surprise as the ENO is internationally renowned as a front runner when it comes to highly theatrical performances.

Enjoy a Thames River Cruise

I really can’t decide if I would prefer to go on a speedboat which looks amazing, fast paced and fun or if I would like to go on a leisurely cruise and have afternoon tea, decisions, decisions. This is on my list of things to do next time I visit the capital, I’ve already had a look at the prices and they are pretty good. I have also noticed there are a few 2 for the price of 1 offers available for this type of activity which is always a bonus. There are so many amazing buildings and sights in London that I would love to see them from a different perspective and a boat ride down the Thames would be perfect. I love photography and this would definitely be a great opportunity for some fantastic photos.

Visit the National History Museum

It’s hard to believe in all the times I have been to London I have never visited the Natural History Museum. I would really like to take a trip to the museum with my nephew when I am next in London. The reviews are amazing and there are so many fantastic exhibitions, including a dinosaurs exhibition which my nephew is mad about. Although museums might not be my first choice of things to do I do find them fascinating places to visit. Really there isn’t an excuse for not visiting as it’s free to get in, I usually just run out of time!

Go on a Ghost Tour

I have always wanted to go on a ghost tour, there’s something about not knowing what might be around the next corner that is exciting and scary at the same time – of course there is some history thrown in too! I believe in the supernatural and although I would probably be scared going on a tour it’s still something I would enjoy experiencing. The only downside is I might have to go on this one alone as for some reason most people don’t like scaring themselves silly!

Watch a match at Wimbledon

I love watching tennis and would love to see a match at Wimbledon, especially if Andy Murray is playing! The atmosphere at the matches always looks amazing, even Murray Mound looks like an amazing place to watch a match and soak up the atmosphere. I never thought I would find tennis such an exciting sport but it really is a great sport and I love watching it. Although this is at the bottom of the list here, this is in fact the number one thing I want to do!

What’s at the top of your things to do in London wishlist?

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