My Autumn/Winter Shoe Wishlist 2014


Over the last couple of days I have found myself closing the windows instead of leaving them open during the day and grabbing a jumper or cardigan when I go out, it’s definitely getting colder and I think we might have seen the best of summer.

It’s not all bad though as the colder weather means it’s time to go Autumn/Winter shoe shopping! I love shoe shopping, there are so many amazing shoes out there especially the winter selection, there are boots and fur galore! Last year my favourite shoes were my lovely short chestnut UGG’s. I’m a big fan of UGG boots, they look amazing, are really comfortable and they hold up really well against the rain when they are protected. My short UGG’s are still in great condition but I have my heart set on some Bailey Button UGG’s to see me through this Autumn/Winter.

As well as the Bailey Button UGG’s I’m hoping to get a couple of other shoes to see me through the colder months. I might not be able to get all of the shoes on my wishlist but with Christmas and a Birthday to come I’m hoping I might get a couple!

1) Top of my list of footwear for Autumn/Winter are the gorgeous triple Bailey Button UGG’s. I have had a couple of pairs of UGG boots over the years and love how warm they are, how well made they are and the fact they stand the test of time and as long as they are treated/protected they can withstand rain, sleet and snow which is just as well with the amount of rain we get. The boots look lovely paired with some skinny jeans, roll on winter!

2) I’m always stopping to admire the different Dr Martens when I’m shoe shopping but have yet to buy a pair, I’m determined to change that this winter and to buy a pair of the lovely boots which are perfect for Autumn and Winter. There are a lot of different colours and designs available, at the moment I’m loving the floral range and can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

3) I know these might not look like your typical Autumn/Winter shoes but aren’t they gorgeous! They’re from River Island and are available in blue and red. They might not be any good when it’s pouring with rain or snowing but they would be great for those nice autumn days, if we’re lucky enough to get any.

4) Wellies are a must for winter, they’re great for those non stop days of rain and snow. Hunters are a top choice when it comes to wellies with their choice of colours and styles, not to mention the amazing fluffy sock inserts you can buy! I love the quilted black Hunter wellies (pictured above), I do also love the original green and black so at the moment I’m not sure what style/colour I’ll go for but I’m hoping to get them before the rainy season starts.

5) Yes, UGG’s are making another appearance on my wishlist but they are amazing. I don’t normally wear anything on my feet when I’m at home but having a tiled kitchen can get pretty chilly, so this year I’ll be looking to invest in some UGG slippers to keep my feet warm. Perhaps Santa will be kind and bring me some if I ask nicely! I’ve been good, I promise!

What are your go to shoes for Autumn/Winter?

5 Great Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom


Reclaim your bedroom! A cramped and cluttered home can have a negative effect on your mental health, spirituality and happiness, so declutter your bedroom with these helpful tips.

  1.  Be Ruthless

One of the hardest things about decluttering any space is throwing away things that you’re emotionally attached to. This seems to be a particular problem with clothing; come on, we all have loads of stuff in our wardrobes that we never wear.

While keeping items of clothing which are emotionally linked to your happiest memories is important, keeping a jumper because “I wore it that time I saw James Corden in Waitrose” is not on. Be ruthless when clearing clothes from your wardrobe by asking yourself “would I be worse off without this?” If the answer is no, off to the charity shop it goes.

2. Set yourself Ambitious Objectives

Get into the right mindset before your start decluttering. Rather than freestyling, start with 5 empty boxes or bin bags you hope to fill. This is a great way to get rid of items that you’re unsure about; those boxes won’t fill themselves.

Alternatively, set yourself a cash target for items you want to sell on second hand sites such as eBay. Set a target with a purchase in mind such as a meal in a great restaurant to add extra incentive.

3. Replace Waste of Space Furniture

Large, cumbersome furnishings may be taking up more room than they can justify. Replacing these with more space-efficient items can help free up additional space.  Think beds with built-in storage, like these ones from FADS, which you can use to store everything from bulky bedding to winter coats.

4. Get the Family Involved

Admittedly, sometimes you just want to get on with the task in hand with no distractions. But getting the family involved in decluttering a space can make the whole process seem less daunting. Share the burden, halve the stress.

5. File Away the Clutter

Now is the perfect time to organise all those loose documents, bills, invites, paper keepsakes and all other bits of the paper trail. An effective and efficient all-in-one filing system can help declutter the bedroom and help you find important documents when you need them rather than stressfully rooting through all the drawers.

How to house train your cat


Owning a cat is both rewarding and potentially frustrating, especially if your cat isn’t properly house trained, by which we mean she has problems in using a litter tray or going outside for her toilet, or she takes to destroying your furniture carpet and curtains. We once had a cat that displayed an amazing ability to climb up the wall paper, at least so far, before it would slide down bringing streaks of wallpaper along with it.

Toilet training

Cats are notoriously clean when it comes to their toilet. Unlike dogs that will just walk away from theirs, well adjusted cats discretely bury theirs in the ground. Of course there are exceptions to every rule; we once had a dog that would do the same, (bury its faeces); it had learned to do so from observing our cat.

The best way to toilet train a cat is to use a litter tray. Fortunately if its mother uses one too, it will copy her and won’t need too much work on your part. However if this isn’t the case, you will have to take on the role.

It is important to position the litter tray where your cat can easily access it. It should be well away from where your cat eats and you should avoid using any disinfectants or deodorisers around it as the smell could discourage your cat from using it; cats dislike chemical smells. However it is also important to keep the litter tray clean. You should rake it through and remove faeces every day, which admittedly is not a pleasant job, but a necessary one otherwise your cat could stop using it. Make sure that you replace the cat litter every week, and take the opportunity to clean the tray using soapy water.

Cats tend to do their toilet after waking up in the morning, after taking a “cat nap”, and after eating. At such times place your cat on the litter tray. If it doesn’t seem to know what it should do, take its front paws gently in your fingers and encourage it to scratch into the littler. Once it starts doing that nature generally takes over and it completes the job on its own.

If your cat happens to do its toilet somewhere else, for instance on your carpet or favourite arm chair, be philosophical about it and don’t get cross. Certainly don’t punish it by rubbing its nose in it (as my ‘wise’ grandmother always advocated) as doing so will only have a negative effect.

Once your cat gets used to the litter tray, you can encourage it to go outside by placing it there and showing your cat where it is. Gradually you can encourage it to use the garden for its toilet and eventually do away with the litter tray altogether.

The thing to be careful about is the neighbours. After a while cats tend to eschew using their own garden for their toilet, preferring the garden of your neighbour, in which case it pays to take out cat insurance that includes third party liability.


Cats just live to scratch, and often it is your furniture that suffers. You will never stop your cat from scratching; it marks out their territory, it is good for keeping claws healthy, and it makes them happy (sometimes putting a smile on their face).

The solution is simple; buy a few scratch posts that are even more enjoyable to scratch than your sofa. Spray them with something your cat likes such as cat nip, and spray what you don’t want scratched with cat repellent. Eventually your cat will catch on. As for stopping your cat climbing up the wall paper, we are still working on that one.

In collaboration with More Than.

My Dream Holiday Destinations


If you follow me on Twitter you might know I’m off on holiday on Saturday! I can’t wait to have some time to relax and explore a city I have never been to before. There’s nothing better than visiting somewhere you haven’t been and enjoying the atmosphere and culture of a new city.

I feel really lucky as this is my second holiday this year, something that hasn’t happened before. I visited Brussels in April for 4 days which was lovely, as it was my first time visiting and was lovely to explore the area even if it was for a short period of time.

There are a lot of places I would love to visit and are definitely on my must visit list, my top 5 (this changes month to month ha ha) is New York, Kenya Masai Mara- my dream is to go on a safari, China, Australia – I would love to go snorkeling/diving on the great barrier reef and finally I would love to visit Egypt – visiting the pyramids would be amazing.

amsterdam 2Photo courtesy of Louise

There are also a lot of places closer to home that I would love to visit, Europe has some amazing destinations. I wouldn’t consider myself to be well traveled but I am lucky to have visited Slovenia, Paris, Prague and Belgium.

There are a lot of destinations in Europe that I haven’t visited yet but would love to explore, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Venice are top of my list to visit in Europe and hopefully one day I can cross them off. My best friend Louise went on a mini cruise to Amsterdam a couple of years ago and said she loved it, she has some lovely picture from her trip and I would love to go on a mini cruise to Amsterdam at some point in the future.

I have never been on a mini cruise, in fact my first experience of being on a ship was this year when I traveled to Brussels. I really enjoyed the ferry trip and although it took a little while to get used to walking when the ship was moving it was a really enjoyable experience and I would love to go on a mini cruise in the future. I like the thought of visiting several destinations over a short period of time and getting to enjoy different destinations day to day.

I have had a look on some of the cruise websites and there are a lot of great offers available and lots of different destinations to visit. One of the companies I looked at was Fred Olsen which was mentioned to me by Louise who’s relative traveled with them, they offer mini cruises to several European destinations including Amsterdam. I was surprised at how affordable mini cruises are and hope to be able to enjoy a mini cruise over the next couple of years. I reckon a girlie weekend in Amsterdam would be amazing!

I’m hoping to visit a hot destination next year with golden beaches as I have never been to somewhere with a hot climate, a girl can dream right?

Where is your number one holiday destination?

Perk Up Your Summer – Week Three






Last week box number three arrived from perk!er in their bid to help Perk Up My Summer! They have definitely succeeded and I have been loving receiving the mystery boxes each week.

Inside week three’s box was a whole host of camping related goodies! There was a 2 man tent, a camping mat, a sleeping bag, a torch, a blow up pillow, a gorgeous flask and some seriously delicious Perk!er porridge.

I can’t ever remember putting up a tent before and was expecting there to be a lot of poles, a lot of stress and a lot of shouting! I was actually really pleasantly surprised to find there were only two sets of poles, they were really easy to slot together and it took me around 5 minutes to put the tent together! Impressive right?

After the tent was set up I put the camping mat (is that the  correct terminology?) inside and then put the sleeping bag inside too, I forgot how fun camping was and of course my nephew Maxx was about bursting with excitement at the thought of sleeping in the tent overnight.

We haven’t camped out overnight yet as I’m a bit concerned about the alley way that runs at the back of the garden and the fact someone came into the garden not long ago and stole Maxx’s paddling pool so I’m not sure if we will spend the night in the tent but I would love to as Maxx is really excited about camping.

In the mean time we have been enjoying using the tent as a bit of a den and Maxx likes sitting inside when he’s out in the garden. It’s a great little place for him to enjoy and to use when it’s raining or too hot and he needs some shade.

Although he’s not so great at remembering to close the tent afterwards which I found out tonight when I came to bring things inside as it was due to rain, the tent was wide open. Luckily it hadn’t started raining yet so disaster averted. I can’t really comment as I have the memory of a sieve, it’s REALLY bad.

Along with the camping supplies I was sent 3 different flavours of Perk!er porridge, Golden Syrup, Fruity Berry and Apple, Cinnamon and Raisins. The porridge comes in small individual pots which contain one serving, perfect for taking camping or for breakfast on the go. Simply add hot water to the porridge, wait two minutes and you have a seriously delicious breakfast which will keep you going all morning.

I really like porridge and find it helps me stay fuller for longer so when I remember to have breakfast (terrible I know) I usually reach for porridge. The Perk!er pots have been thoroughly enjoyed and are so quick and easy to make I can see why they are a much loved product by many.

Next week I will be blogging about week four’s mystery box so remember to pop back to see what’s inside.