Choosing a roof for your extension: 3 key considerations

Building an extension could give you much needed extra space in your home, but getting these projects right can prove to be a challenge. Ensuring that your property add-on looks the part, functions properly and is completed within your budget isn’t easy. One of the issues you’ll need to think about is your roof. From slate to wood and metal, there are lots of options to choose from. When you’re selecting a material to top your extension, it’s worth bearing the following three considerations in mind. 1. Practicality First and foremost, the material you go for has to be practical.… View Post


Are you thinking about taking a family cruise? Cruises make fantastic family friendly holidays and offer something for everyone, no matter what age. If you’re planning your first family cruise you might find the How to Choose the Perfect Family Cruise post from Cruise Club UK handy, the tips will help you make the most of your cruise. I have also written up some helpful tips to consider when booking a family cruise. Do Your Research Before booking your family cruise do as much research as possible. Find out what facilities the ship offers, where the ship will dock and any rules you… View Post


When it comes to creating the perfect kitchen, there are plenty of factors you need to keep in mind. You’ll no doubt want to make sure your new cooking space is practical and spacious with lots of storage, and you could take things a step further by making it environmentally-friendly too. To find out how you can go green when designing your kitchen, keep reading for some handy hints and tips.  Use naturally sourced materials  It could be said that the most interesting part of creating a kitchen is choosing the materials you’re going to use. While you may be… View Post

Four summer superfoods for a healthy smile and diet

What I love most about the summer is the latest food inspiration that takes over the net. Whether it’s via Instagram, Pinterest or general food blogs, there’s no denying that the summer season is synonymous with fresh and healthy living.   What I also like to stay in tune with is the latest advice for a healthy and clean smile. There’s no better time of year to work on a whiter smile to contrast against a sun-kissed tan. In this blog I will bring to you the latest advice and tips on what to eat, and how to eat it, in… View Post

My Holiday Essentials

I love the planning stages of a holiday, choosing the destination, researching the area and deciding what to pack. I usually make a list of items to pack and in the lead up to the holiday I will add, remove and re-write the list umpteen times until I think I have everything I will need. Like most people, I usually over pack and don’t use a third of the items but there are a few essentials that I pack time and time again. I listed my holiday essentials below, if you’re off on holiday soon it might give you some… View Post