I recently spoke about wanting to update my Summer wardrobe and since then I have been browsing, bookmarking and lusting after a lot of gorgeous Summer clothes. I’m pretty impressed with the choice available this year. My firm favourites include the lace up sandals which wrap around your leg, I think they look great with skirts or dresses. I also love the fact there are so many quirky and unique clothing items hitting the shelves this year,  I’m all for a bit of individuality. My obsession with finding a new Summer wardrobe only got worse when I was introduced to… View Post

Topshop Summer Wishlist 2016

Today marks the start of Summer, and although the weather might not be playing ball we’re sure to get a few nice days – eventually. I have recently been looking to add some Summer clothes to my wardrobe. I have no idea where last years Summer clothes have gone, but I don’t seem to own any. I have plenty of jeans and jumpers, but not many light trousers or Summer style dresses, so that’s something I need to change, and it gives me an excuse to go shopping. I had a look at the Summer clothes ranges at a few shops… View Post


Nobody likes thinking about getting old. I can handle thinking about myself getting old, but I don’t like thinking about my parents getting older. I always push that to the back of my mind and choose to live in ignorance. I know it’s inevitable, I know there’s nothing I can do to stop it and I know there might come a day when my sisters, brother and I have to make a decision about their care. My grandad was diagnosed with dementia and although adaptations were made so he could stay in his own home for as long as possible,… View Post


I’m not sure about you but I’m not a lover of DIY and will often rope my dad into helping with any difficult jobs rather than try to do them myself. It would appear I’m not alone in this as LED HUT recently published an infographic ‘Don’t Do It Yourself‘ showing which home improvement jobs we loathe. I recently moved into my own house and I still have a lot of work to do to get it to how I want it. This includes doing lots of little DIY jobs such putting up shelves, hanging photo frames, changing light fittings, and… View Post


With Summer fast approaching and the 6 weeks of school holidays not far away, you might be looking at activities to enjoy over the holidays and help keep little ones entertained too. I will be looking after my nephew over the Summer holidays and have been wracking my brains thinking of activities we could enjoy. I have come up with 5 activities which I think will be great fun for children and adults to enjoy over the Summer break and thought I would share them here to help give you some ideas too. Geocaching If you haven’t heard of Geocaching yet it’s the… View Post