Introducing Chick-cam

Today sees the launch of Chick-cam, an initiative by ethical egg producer the happy egg co. The Chick-cam will be live on the happy egg company’s website and on Google+ from 12pm Monday 25th of March.
The Chick-cam will follow the first four days of life of 17 newborn chicks, using three cameras including night-vision cameras to give viewers a truly unique view into the world of chickens. The Chick-cam will be live 24/7 so you won’t miss anything.
The incubators will be closely monitored and controlled by a team of experts to ensure the chicks have everything they need. The chicks will all be re-homed to The Happy Chick Company’s trusted network of poultry owners and smallholders.
The aim of the Chick-cam is the help educate people and encourage people to love chickens.
 You will be able to watch the Chick-cam live on the happy egg website in real time. There will also be interviews with hen experts and the opportunity for viewers to win Happy Egg prizes. The Chick-cam will also be available on Google+ Hangouts on Air so there’s no reason to miss it.
 I am really looking forward to watching the Chick-cam with Maxx. He has recently been taking an interest in where things come from – the how’s, why’s and when’s. He is becoming very inquisitive and I think this will be the perfect opportunity for him to see things first hand, something which we wouldn’t normally be able to do.
I can’t wait!
If you would like to find out more or to watch the Chick-cam go to
 For live updates on the hatching, follow #chickcam on Twitter and instagram, or visit the happy egg co Facebook page