Wow what a month January has been and now it’s February. Where did January go…

The end of December and the whole of January has been a very busy time. It has seen no less than 3 family birthdays, visits from family, the birth of my gorgeous niece and of course Christmas. There has barely been a minute to think!

During the month of January I decided to take a short period away from blogging to spend time with family which I did and I loved having a break. After things had calmed down a little mid January I decided to give the blog a makeover. I decided to also buy a theme for the blog which has been a huge hassle at times and I have regretted it on more than one occasion ha ha. After relentlessly searching the help forum and posting a couple of topics I have managed to get everything how I want it almost.

I thought it would take a few days but life got in the way on more than one occasion and to be completely honest I wasn’t prepared for how much work was actually involved. I had neglected using categories and tags/learning how to use them correctly so I am still in the process of going through all of the old posts and changing them. Then there were the 470+ broken links… oops, which I have now sorted. Basically it felt like it was never ending, but I’m really happy with the finished look and I’m raring to get blogging again.

I will be introducing a few new features over the coming days/weeks so keep your eyes peeled for those so you can get involved. There are also several posts which are waiting to be published, including; throwing a super hero themed party, tips on saving money on household bills, new regular posts and there will also be a new linky…or 2!

I’m sure you have all missed the fun competitions I usually run so I thought it would be nice to kick off the new look with a little competition.

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I think that’s enough for you all to digest at the moment so I’ll catch you all again very soon!

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