4 Sure Fire Ways to Up the Luxury in Your Bathroom



We’ve come a long way from outhouses, with many of today’s bathrooms being more luxurious and elegant than any room you would’ve found in most homes just a century ago. Bathrooms are supposed to be places of serenity, where a hot bath or shower can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of the day. When you look at a home decor or interior design magazine, the kitchen and the bathroom are two of the central focuses in terms of luxury. If you’ve been longing to ‘luxurise’ a bathroom so you can sit upon that much-needed porcelain throne and behold ultra-modern beauty, check out the following four tips we’ve rounded up:

1. Add Natural Stone Tiles to the Floors and/or Walls

Just the addition of stone tiles alone can transform your bathroom from the average loo to a stunning sanctuary-esque room befitting the Taj Mahal. While such tiles are a bit more expensive than their conventional or laminate counterparts, the undeniable luxury effect is easily worth the extra investment. You can find interesting examples of natural stone tiles and walls at http://realstoneandtile.co.uk/.

2. Upgrade the Sink and Cabinets

Aside from the shower/bath, the sink and cabinets are the focal point of every lavatory. Nothing tops off a luxury bathroom better than a brand new sink and cabinet set. Fortunately, pulling the old set out and installing a new one is something that most people can do on a DIY basis. It is recommended that you choose the new sink, vanity, and countertops as the last step in the renovation process, as this will allow you to match the theme to the flooring and walls you’ve selected.

3. Install a Glass Shower Enclosure Let’s face it, standard shower curtains are flimsy and cheap-looking. Glass shower encasings have a much more modern and open appearance, and should therefore be a part of any bathroom luxurisation. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to settle for a complete lack of privacy, as there are smoky glass enclosures that are opaque enough to shield the details of your body, yet translucent enough to show a faint representation of the shower’s inner design.

4. Opt for a Huge Mirror or Mirrored Walls

Every interior designer knows that mirrors can work wonders to accentuate and reflect a room’s design components. In addition to making the bathroom more functional by allowing for more space to view your reflection, a massive mirror or mirrored wall can also reduce the cost of tiling the wall by reducing the amount of materials needed to do so.

Bonus Tip – Grab a Few Home Decor and Improvement Magazines

While it’s possible to find plenty of inspiration online, flipping through a home decor magazine is a much more convenient way to browse through some of the latest and greatest bathroom renovation

ideas. With that said, take a trip to your local home improvement store, grab a few magazines, and talk to one of the store reps about what you’re trying to accomplish before you get started.

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