4 ways to bring your motoring costs down in 2016


Between paying your insurance and filling up on fuel, running a car can be expensive. If you’re tired of forking out a fortune for your vehicle and want save yourself some cash in the new year, here are four ways you could bring your motoring costs down in 2016. 

  1. Shop around for your insurance

As a driver, car insurance is one cost that you cannot avoid. But, while you can’t escape having to pay this sum, you can shop around for the best deal possible. Broker websites are a good place to start. These sites allow you to enter your details and compare prices across a wide range of policies from a variety of leading insurance providers. These websites tend to understand that choosing a car insurance policy can be complicated. For example, if you look to purchase car insurance from Chill, for example, you will be able to compare 14 different insurers with ease. When your insurance is up for renewal, make sure you look around instead of settling on the first deal you see. 

  1. Make your fuel go further

There are a variety of easy and effective ways you can make your fuel go further. For example, you can save a surprising amount of money by simply making changes to the way you drive. If you become a more conscientious, careful driver by avoiding stopping and starting aggressively, over-revving the engine and making sure you’re driving in the right gear, you should be able to preserve your fuel, last longer between filling up and therefore save yourself money at the pump. 

  1. Carefully select where you fill up

Did you know that saving 5p a litre on the price of your fuel could save you approximately £100 a year? To take advantage of such savings, you could make the effort to look around for petrol stations that offer the cheapest fuel price, instead of opting for one that is most conveniently placed. Additionally, supermarkets that have adjoining petrol stations may sometimes offer discounts on their fuel when you spend a minimum amount in store. 

  1. Consider car sharing

If you commute to work in your car, you could consider sharing your journey with your colleagues. Discover which of your fellow workers live near you and suggest that you take it in turns to drive to work and share the costs equally. Not only will this help you save some money, it’s also a great way to get to know your co-workers better. 

Taking at least one of these handy tips into consideration could save you big when it comes to your motoring costs.

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