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With Summer fast approaching and the 6 weeks of school holidays not far away, you might be looking at activities to enjoy over the holidays and help keep little ones entertained too. I will be looking after my nephew over the Summer holidays and have been wracking my brains thinking of activities we could enjoy. I have come up with 5 activities which I think will be great fun for children and adults to enjoy over the Summer break and thought I would share them here to help give you some ideas too.



If you haven’t heard of Geocaching yet it’s the worlds largest treasure hunt. Getting started on your Geocaching journey is easy, simply create an account on where you can explore, find and log geocaches, use the website or phone app to find a geocache location, head off on an adventure to find the geocache, then let everyone know what you found. It’s a great Summer activity as it gets everyone out and about enjoying the fresh air and is an exciting activity for children who will love hunting down the geocaches.


Start growing fruit and veg

You don’t have to be green fingered to start growing your own fruit & veg, and from experience it’s something that children love getting involved with too. Which little one doesn’t love playing with mud and getting dirty after all? You could start growing now so the fruit and veg will be ready to tend to and harvest during the Summer holidays or you could choose to plant during the holidays for a late harvest. If you have space and want to get the best possible results you could invest in a poly tunnel from Premier Polytunnels. The best thing about growing your own fruit and veg is enjoying the delicious, fresh produce – you can’t beat it.


Make a Den

Chances are you have made several den’s when you were younger, whether it be a tree hut den, a cushion fort or a cardboard fortress. Den’s are great fun to build and you can use materials you have to hand, chairs with a blanket over them, a den under a table or if you have a lot of outdoor space and wood you could build a little clubhouse. You really can turn anywhere into a den with just a few items. Why not have a little picnic/lunch inside the den once it’s built. This is a great activity and one Maxx and I will be enjoying during the Summer holidays.


Go Camping

As a child I loved camping, even overnight in the back garden. It was like a big adventure, telling stories, enjoying the outdoors and of course having a midnight feast. Camping can be a great activity to enjoy over Summer and if you have all of the camping gear already it won’t cost a lot of money. If you have the ability to have a small fire/barbecue you could even make some delicious s’mores and enjoy the full camping experience.


Make a Fun Checklist for Summer

Why not put together a checklist of items for your children to find during the Summer holidays. Draw up a list of items that includes a variety of different things for your children to find and try to mark off as many off the items as possible during the Summer. Things such as cows, sunflowers, the ice cream van etc, it’s could be an almost endless list. This will work out even better if you have an idea of the places you will visit during the Summer Holidays. If you’re going to visit a Safari park for example you could list some of the items to try and spot and mark off. This is a great way of keeping young children stay interested and engaged and can also help with their learning.

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