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At present, I don’t have a dining room. I have a kitchen that’s big enough for a table which is lovely but I would love to have a separate dining room one day. In fact, I already have a few ideas of how I would decorate it. I have been browsing Pinterest which is full of every style of dining room you can imagine. You can take a look at my dream dining room below.

Colourful chairs

One dining room trend which stands out above the rest is the trend for colourful chairs, Β it’s a trend I love. A white dining room table surrounded by a selection of different coloured chairs really makes a statement. It’s bold, yet stylish. This is one trend where we can embrace our love of bright colours and go a little wild. Hot pink? Why not… Baby blue? Of course! Personally, I like the Eames style chairs, they look classy, comfortable and are also available in a wide range of colours from Viaduct, not to mention they’re affordable.

Wall prints

Everyone loves a good wall print and I’m no exception. There are simply so many different prints and quotes available that the choice is almost endless and so are the possibilities. I would choose two or three large framed prints to place on the wall directly behind the dining table to help draw people’s eye towards the lovely, colourful dining table and chairs.


Too many accessories and a room can look cluttered and unclean, too few and it can look bare and dull. It’s a fine balance. I would only add a few accessories, I would add placemats to dress the table and have a nice vase in the centre with some fresh flowers.

Pendant lighting

Lighting can make or break a room, so when I get my dining room I will be choosing a gorgeous pendant light to hang above the dinner table. I really like industrial style lighting for the kitchen and dining room, it looks really retro but smart. A lovely three shade copper light is at the top of my list, second is a pendant light with several glass shades that all hang in the centre, it looks beautiful. One thing’s for sure, there’s a huge choice available, so even if my taste changes in the years between now and having a dining room I know I will be able to find something I like.

Colour scheme

I would keep the walls white because the chairs and wall prints will add all the colour the room needs. If I added a colour to the walls I feel it would be too much and the colours of the chairs would be lost.

What would your dream dining room look like?

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