You might have heard that our population is ageing, and for the first time in history the senior generation will surpass that of the youth. Staggeringly, by 2050, over 65’s will make up 15.6% of the world population. With an ageing population does come a few hurdles, such as pensions, the strain on healthcare, and the need for more workers, but in my opinion this is good news. It means we’re living longer than ever thanks to advances in healthcare and the quality of life for the older generation is good too.

With ageing can come health and mobility issues, but there are so many amazing products that can help make everyday life easier for people who might face struggles with a mobility issue. From walk-in baths, to phones with large easy to read buttons there are products that can help ensure no matter what age we can all enjoy the things we used to.

There is something we need to change with regards to the senior generation and that’s society writing off anyone older than 65. This infuriates me. When someone reaches 65 they don’t simply stop. They don’t stop wanting to take part in their hobbies, they don’t stop wanting to learn new things and they certainly don’t stop wanting to live life to the full and that’s why I love the Breaking Barriers campaign.

The fantastic campaign is being run by Bathing Solutions who want to help break down barriers for the elderly. I love the campaign and think that society needs to stop writing off the older generation and start to embrace and encourage people to continue learning and living no matter what your age. There’s a lovely video to accompany the campaign which you can watch over on the website.

When I retire I hope to still be able to do things I love, taking trips to the beach, horse riding, travelling, and lots of shopping! I won’t let what people think stand in the way of me enjoying what I love and living life to the full. Thanks to Bathing Solutions, hopefully in the coming years attitudes will begin to change and everyone can continue to learn, live and love whatever and however they want, without fear of anyΒ stigma. Ageing is inevitable so we should encourage and embrace everything it has to offer.

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