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EASTER 2016 | The Chocolate Edition

Easter 2016 - The Chocolate Edition 2

Are you on the lookout for the best buys for Easter 2016? If so, you’re in luck! I have hunted high and low to find the cheapest, tastiest and cutest Easter treats around, whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else there’s a tasty treat that’s right for you.

Thornton Easter Treats


The taste of Thorntons is one we all know and love so why not treat yourself or family and friends to an Easter gift everyone will love. Thorntons has a huge selection of Easter Eggs and tasty treats available this year and prices to suit any budget. Whether you’re looking for a small egg, a chocolate bunny, Thornton’s delicious toffee or a luxurious egg – Thorntons has it all. What’s more, if you’re buying for more than one person you can take advantage of their great offers including – buy 5 eggs for £15 or the 5 for £20 promotion. Perfect if you’re buying for more than one person.

Adi EasterTreats 2016


If you want to treat someone to a yummy chocolate treat this Easter why not head to your local Aldi where you can pick up delicious Easter treats starting at just 59p! There are chocolate bunnies in different shapes and sizes, Easter eggs with treats inside, tasty eggs filled with a chocolate or milk cream mousse and much, much more!


Whether you’re looking for a little bit of luxury or you’re working on a budget, Tesco has a range of Easter treats to suit every budget. You can pick up small eggs for little ones, sharing bags of eggs and then there are luxury eggs which look almost too good to eat! The CHOKABLOK range is a luxury egg that comes with a reasonable price tag! Flavours include Billionaires Dynamite, Starstruck Supernova, Chocolate Extremist and one of my favourites – Very Berry Eton Bling. If you’re a fan of Eton mess or know someone who is they will love this delicious egg. Made with thick creamy Belgian white chocolate and bursting with strawberries, white coated malt balls, crunchy pink meringues and fruity raspberry pieces the dessert lovers are guaranteed to love this egg.

Cadbury Easter range 2016


One of the nation’s favourite chocolate companies Cadbury has a fantastic selection of Easter products available this year. There’s the return of some much loved classics, Creme Eggs, Egg ‘n’ Spoon and Mini Eggs. Plus there are some egg-citing new products too. Making it’s first appearance this year is the super cute Cadbury Dairy Milk Hollow Bunny which is available in small, large and as a mini pack of 5. The large Bunnies make a great treat and the minis are perfect for Easter Egg hunting. There’s also the addition of tasty Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Minis and the new Cadbury Milk Decorate Egg which lets you turn your egg into a masterpiece.

Lily O'brien's

Lily O’Brien’s

If it’s luxury Easter eggs you’re after why not take a look at what Lily O’Brien’s has to offer. You could enjoy a delicious Crispy Heart Boxed Egg, the Uglies Honeycomb Egg or the delicious Sticky Toffee Boxed Egg amongst others. There are also tasty Easter Bunny shaped chocolate treats which little ones are sure to love and a range of spectacular hampers to enjoy in a range of flavours. If it’s something new you’re after, how about the new Desserts Chocolate Easter Egg with includes 9 delicious Chocolates. It’s an exquisitely crafted milk chocolate egg with a selection of Lily O’Brien’s favourite chocolates from the award-winning Desserts Collection.

Elizabeth Shaw Eeater 016

Elizabeth Shaw

Why not indulge your sweet tooth this Easter with a tasty Easter Egg from Elizabeth Shaw. Choose from the Yummy Mint Honeycomb Egg, Yummy Orange Honeycomb Egg or the Whisky Collection Egg. If you’re buying an Easter gift for someone who enjoys the finer things in life why not choose the Whisky Collection Egg. It’s something a little different and perfect if you know someone who appreciates a little tipple. The rich dark chocolate egg comes with 8 of Elizabeth Shaws finest liquer chocolates with some of the world’s most famous liqueurs including ‘Grants’, ‘Drambuie’ and ‘Teachers’.

ASDA Easter range 2016


If you have yet to take a look at the Easter range at ASDA what are you waiting for? ASDA has a huge selection of Easter Eggs and other Easter themed treats available with prices starting at just £1. You can find a whole host of chocolate brands we all know and love plus a few unique items such as The Marmite Egg – love it or hate it? There’s also a great offer you can take advantage of if you’re buying for more than one person, the 3 for £10 range. It includes some tasty eggs that are sure to be a hit with children and adults alike.

Guylian Easter 2016


If you’re after something with a little extra then why not choose a Guylian treat this Easter. The world’s favourite Belgian Chocolatier’s have a luxurious range of Easter treats available this year. If you love Guylians, and who doesn’t! Then why not pick up the Guylians Seashell Easter Egg? Not only does it contain a mouth watering chocolate eggs, there’s also a full sized box of Guylians classic praline Sea Shell chocolates.

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    Helen at Casa Costello
    March 23, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    Cor now this is such a delicious post! I will admit to being tempted to open one of the kids eggs already this week but I didn’t give in! The Chokablog range are really good value and such diverse flavours.

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    Danielle Graves
    December 29, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    not long now until the easter 2017 items will be out on the shelves

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