I love spending time with my nephew, one of our favourite activities to do together is getting crafty and messy (show me a child that doesn’t like that) so we always look forward to our Baker Ross craft box arriving as we know it will be packed full of fun craft items.

Our latest craft box was full of fun Easter themed products and a lovely Mother’s Day keyring kit. Inside the box was a set of Flower Foam Glasses, Easter Mosaic Wand Kits, Bird Decoration Sewing Kit, Self-Adhesive Pearls, Shredded Tissue, Bird Craft Boxes, Mother’s Day Wooden Keyring Kit and Flower Foam Stickers.

I love having themed crafts, whether it’s Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween or Christmas it really gets us into the spirit of the event and Maxx gets so excited about creating things for the up coming holiday and special day.


The first thing we made was the Mother’s Day Wooden Keyring Kit, Maxx is a mummy’s boy through and through, he picked this up straight away saying he wanted to make one for his mum for Mother’s Day. The keyring was really easy to make and took a matter of minutes for Maxx to finish, he loved the end result as did his mum when he gave it to her.


We had such a lot of fun designing these Flower Foam Glasses and wearing them! We used the Self-Adhesive Pearls and Flower Foam Stickers to decorate the glasses as well as felt tip pens and other small sticker items. These would be great for parties as children can get creative sticking, colouring and designing until their hearts are content and they have some funny glasses to wear at the end. Definitely lots of laughs to be had with this product.


How cute it this little chick wand! It is a part of the Easter Mosaic Wand Kit which includes four different wands to create. These wands are easy to create but do require some patience, it might require some adult assistance with younger children when it comes to tying on the ribbons. Maxx really enjoyed creating the wands, they took around 10 minutes to make from start to finish which I think is a good length of time as Maxx was able to get into designing it but it wasn’t too hard. 


Maxx and his mum had a go at making these cute birds from the Bird Decoration Sewing Kit. These are easy to make and apart from threading the needle Maxx didn’t need any help. He really enjoyed sewing the sides together and then stuffing the bird which really makes it come alive. He decided to hang them on the door handles, they look great and have a real spring feel to them.


The remaining two items were the Bird Craft Boxes and the Shredded Tissue. These cute craft boxes wee a huge hit with Maxx, for some reason he loves having little trinkets to hide things in, maybe it’s a boy thing? I think this was his favourite craft activity out of the Easter box as he really got stuck in decorating his box then filled it with tissue and a few little items he wanted to keep safe. 

As always with Baker Ross the craft items were all fantastic quality great fun and really reasonably priced. If you are looking for items to keep little ones entertained then take a look at the Baker Ross website where you can find over 4,000 craft products. There’s sure to be something that will get your creative juices flowing!

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