He’s home :)

Sorry for the lack of posting but Maxx has been away on holiday to Scotland for the last week.
It has been so quiet, too quiet!
I was so excited when he was coming back he came through the door and his nannie gave him a massive cuddle then I picked him up and gave him a cuddle and a kiss and I could have cried I missed him that much lol.

The first thing Maxx wanted to do when he got back was show me all the amazing thing he had got on holiday. There was a car track which I might add is very cool. You attach it to a raised area (a table in this case) then a ramp goes from the table down to the floor and at the end is an ape which holds cars and swings it’s arms to try and catch the cars, very scary lol. There were lots of books from his aunty Joyce, counting, colours, clothes, animals etc all the great short ones which he loves you to read to him and I think his favourite thing which is also my favourite thing, it is a small car with a balloon attached. There is a tube coming out of the back of the car and you blow through this tube which then blows the balloon up you pinch the neck of the balloon when it’s inflated and place it on the floor let the balloon go and the car races along the ground, such a simple idea yet ingenious and me and Maxx spent ages playing with it.

I also got him a bubble wand when we went shopping as he loves bubbles and I knew his other one was broken as he stood on the wand. It was very funny as I had just given him an ice cream and I showed him the bubbles he gave the ice cream to his mum to hold and came running over to get the bubbles. I told him we could go out the back once he had finished his ice cream to which he replied “I am finished, mummy can have it” lol. We then spent the next 30 minutes in the garden blowing bubbles and Maxx franticly running after them making sure each and every bubble is burst.
I will be posting a review of the fantastic balloon car soon and also our first competition so keep your eyes peeled.

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