How to Choose the Right Wedding Venue


A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, but if you get the details wrong, it can soon turn into a living nightmare. For many brides, their main priority is to find the right dress, but picking the perfect wedding venue comes a close second.

How Large is the Guest List?

Larger wedding parties need more space. Unless you are lucky enough to live in a mansion, it will be difficult to fit three hundred guests in your back garden, marquee or no marquee. For larger weddings, a venue such as Pavilions of HarrogateΒ – Wedding Reception Venue is a good choice, as they will be able to accommodate big wedding parties and provide all the extras you need to make it a memorable day.

Themed Weddings

Lots of brides and grooms decide to give their wedding a theme. Perhaps you are both big Game of Thrones fans, or you love Disney. Whatever you love, why not design your wedding around a theme? It is certainly a fun way to make a romantic day even more enjoyable.

Budget Weddings

Budget weddings are perfect if you have very little money to spend on the day. Although it is not unusual to spend a fortune on a wedding and the average wedding costs in excess of Β£20,000, it is possible to have a wonderful day without emptying the piggy bank. Perhaps a wedding dress passed down from your mum or you could ask friends and family to contribute to the big day itself.

Last Minute Wedding

Sometimes, the best weddings are the ones that are planned at the last minute, whether by choice or because needs must. Just because you only have a few days to plan your wedding doesn’t mean you have to accept a second-rate venue and often a last minute wedding will result in some great savings too. If luck is on your side, it will be a wonderful day!

Wedding planning is always nerve-wracking, so get your skates on and enlist as much help as possible.

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