We’ll cut straight to the chase: Travelling is amazing, but it’s also expensive. Even when you’re visiting some of the world’s cheapest countries, there are still flights, luggage, clothes, and possibly vaccinations to buy. So even if you’re planning on visiting a country where you can live off £10 a day, you’ll need much more than just that if you want to do it properly. Fortunately, if you live in England then there’s every chance you have the ability to raise the amount of money needed to go travelling pretty quickly – in fact, you could have the money you need to travel in style if you do it properly. Check out some of our tips below.

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What are you Worth?

A lot of people make the mistake of associating their financial worth with what’s in their bank account. If you have £300 in your bank account, then it’ll take a while for you to afford the plane ticket, let alone the actual travelling part of your trip. However, what’s in your bank account isn’t what you’re worth, because you likely have access to much more money that is just tied up in the stuff you own, such as a car or home or valuable possessions. If you’re willing to use any of these things to fund your travel, then sell them through a website and give your travel savings pot a much needed boost.

The Long Term Plan

The planning stage isn’t as fun as the travelling of course, but it is exciting and allows you to build up suspense for your trip. If you were to put £25 a week away in a savings account set aside for travelling, within a year you’d have around £1300, which is a lot of money regardless of where you want to go. So don’t think that putting small amounts of money away each week won’t get you anywhere, because it absolutely will. Another good tip is to take any extra money you have after a night out and put in a jar; depending on how often you’re hitting the pub you could have hundreds in a year, and you won’t have even noticed that you’ve been saving!

Weekly Spend

Whether you’re saving for travel or not, it’s a good idea to really investigate how much money you’re spending each week. Things like coffee, lunch, and meals out add up to serious money. Give it a try for the last week – you might be surprised how much money you’ve gone through on things that have little lasting value! If you want to save money for travelling, then get smarter with your money. This means buying a container and making your coffee at home (saves £2 each day?), take a packed lunch to work (£3?) and avoid eating out unless it’s for a special occasion (£20?). Add all that money to your travel fund and hey presto, we’re talking serious money!

Between these three money raising tactics, there’s no reason your travelling dream can’t become a reality in the near future!

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