Along with all of the fun festivities, there’s a practical side to Christmas too that only becomes apparent once you grow up! From budgeting to arranging time off work, to making sure your home is safe and secure. And speaking of home security, this is something that should always be taken seriously. Experiencing a burglary at any time of year would be devastating, but when you’ve spent months saving and searching for the perfect gifts for people think how awful it would be if they were taken. Here are some of the ways you can make sure you don’t fall, victim.

Upgrade Your Locks

Solid doors that can’t easily be kicked in are a good line of defence. New doors are an expensive job if that’s not something you can cover at this time of year at least upgrade your locks. If you have a glass panel on your door, have an additional deadlock installed- one that’s locked with a key. This prevents someone from simply smashing the glass, putting their hand through and letting themselves in. If you never changed the locks when you first moved into your home, even if it was a really long time ago, then it’s worth doing that too. Who knows who has a copy of your key from the old homeowners or tenants

Install CCTV

CCTV is an excellent security feature outside the home and works in two ways. First, it acts as a deterrent; many criminals are opportunistic so won’t attempt a break in if they know they are being recorded. Secondly, if an attempt or a burglary is made, you have solid evidence to show the police. CCTV can also be useful for things like criminal damage or hit and run incidents involving any vehicles you have parked outside your home too. You could even opt for a system which allows you to view remotely from an app. There are lots of CCTV systems on the market so decide on which will suit your needs best. A high-quality camera is always best since police and courts won’t use low-quality images in the event of an incident.

Check Your Burglar Alarm

If you don’t have a burglar alarm, make it a priority to have one fitted. If your budget is smaller you could opt for a do-it-yourself system, most are wireless and can be installed yourself with a drill and some basic DIY knowledge. When you have an alarm, it’s advisable to speak to a trusted neighbour. That way if it goes off and you’re not around, they know to call the police rather than just let is go off while you’re out of the house and blissfully unaware. Alternatively, your budget is bigger, some companies offer monitoring services, and if it goes off, they will contact you to let you know. That way if it wasn’t you setting it off by accident, the police could be called immediately. Some can even be monitored through your smartphone too for added peace of mind and is a great investment when it comes to protecting your home.

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