Make the Most of Movember


If you are on the fence as to whether to take part in this year’s Movember – maybe you feel it’s sexist, a little bit 2010, have little confidence in your facial hair or are worried about looking like Poirot – you should remember that the original and current aim behind the initiative is very commendable. Movember want to change the face of men’s health and have so far raised an incredible £346 million pounds from the worldwide campaign. All the proceeds go to worthy causes fighting prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

To further encourage you to participate in the event or to get you excited about this November (as it used to be called) here’s a few ideas to enable you to make the most of Movember.

Capture your Mo for posterity by getting a professional photoshoot. Agencies such as Venture are well-versed in bringing the best out of any scene, whether that’s a newborn, family reunion or a really good moustache.

Mo-themed Party 
Movember is the perfect excuse for a theme party. Get your friends to dress up as famous moustache-sporting stars such as Magnum PI, Saddam Hussain or Hulk Hogan. Get all your best Mo-sic loaded onto Spotify: Queen, Karl Denver, Motorhead and party down.

Moustache Movie Night 
Put on the popcorn, get comfortable and celebrate the moustachioed stars of the silver screen with a night of the best Mo-vies through history: From Chaplin’s classics, through Tom Selleck’s hits, to latter day Mo Heroes like Ron Burgundy, Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York and that guy who was in The Artist. You have plenty of options.

Multi-style it 
If you’re lucky enough to grow a substantial Mo you may want to spend the month experimenting with different styles. You could go from the drop handlebar to the Salvador Dali twisty style to the minimalist Zorro or Charlie Chaplin (although you may run into some trouble with this one…).

Have your own Mo-lympic Games 
As much as moustache-growing is a test of manliness why not go one better (and get both sexes involved) by organising your own moustache-themed games event. Ideas for Mo-lympics games include:

  • The Moustache Celebrity Name Game – the first person unable to name a moustachioed celeb is out and the last one standing the winner.
  • Identify the Mo – show pictures of famous moustaches and have competitors guess who they belong to.
  • Moustache Judging – get an impartial adjudicator to honour the best Mo grown.
  • Best Food Collecting – get moustachioed competitors to eat a meal and whoever has the most food in their Mo at the end of the meal wins.

Get Mo’ Money 
Remember the original reasons for the month and go out and raise as much money as you can. As well as doing the facial work, run a marathon, get people to sponsor you multi-styling it, or simply record and share your Mo’s growth on social media to attract more sponsors.

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