My Holiday Essentials


I love the planning stages of a holiday, choosing the destination, researching the area and deciding what to pack. I usually make a list of items to pack and in the lead up to the holiday I will add, remove and re-write the list umpteen times until I think I have everything I will need. Like most people, I usually over pack and don’t use a third of the items but there are a few essentials that I pack time and time again. I listed my holiday essentials below, if you’re off on holiday soon it might give you some ideas on what to pack.

My iPhone

Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and so much more all in one little gadget! My iPhone is definitely an essential holiday item, mainly for the travelling part as it means I can pass the time browsing online, watching a movie or even working (highly unlikely, but possible!). It’s also usually my go to device for taking photos when I’m out and about and don’t want to take my slr camera. I would be pretty lost without it to be honest and it will definitely be first on the list of items to pack.

A good book

Whether it’s a romance novel to read whilst relaxing by the beach or a how to book, I always find holidays the perfect time to relax with a book. I also tend to pack some magazines for light reading whilst travelling as it helps pass the time and has short stories to read.

Sun cream and moisturiser

I’m a fan of the sun and love having a tan, but don’t want to get burnt. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable and sore on holiday! A good suncream is a must for me, also some decent moisturiser to combat being out and about in the sun a lot and some spf lipgloss too. You can’t be too careful, especially when heading abroad to destinations where the sun is a lot stronger than in the UK.

Medication & Travel Insurance

I can’t stress how important travel insurance is. Nobody thinks they will become ill or get injured on holiday but if the unthinkable does happen and you don’t have insurance you could face a hefty bill! Travel insurance is definitely one of my holiday essentials, along with medication such as pain killers to combat headaches (it pays to be prepared). If you need medication such as anti malaria drugs, migraine relieve, allergy relief or perhaps mother nature is due when you’re on holiday and you want to delay it but you have left it too late and can’t get an appointment with your GP in time, don’t panic! There’s an online service which can help, Europa Pharmacy can give you the necessary medication through their online service. Simply select the medication you need, fill in a medical questionnaire which will be reviewed and approved by a doctor then your medication will be delivered to your door. Always check what that the medicines you plan to take with you are allowed in the country you are visiting as different country’s have different rules.


A good sized bag

I’m not sure about you, but when I’m on holiday I tend to need a large bag to fit everything in. There’s a beach towel, book, purse and usually a few random bits that I don’t really need but put in there anyway… so having a large bag to fit everything in is a must. Also a bag that’s secured with a buckle or two is always a good idea, it always pays to think about security too.

A few essential items of makeup

When I’m on holiday I don’t tend to wear a huge amount of make-up, unless I’m heading out to a nice restaurant etc. If I’m just spending the day on the beach then some bronzer, mascara and lipstick is as adventurous as it gets. After all I’d much rather an extra 20 minutes exploring or relaxing than putting on make-up.


I know this is a given, but it makes the world go round and without it I would be able to enjoy myself. I usually try and find out what I want to do whilst on holiday and find out how much it will cost so I know I’m taking enough money with me. 

What’s your number one Holiday Essential?

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