Our First Pumpkin

Maxx and I are both big lovers of Halloween. Making a spooky setting, getting the costumes out and painting faces! It’s great fun.
One thing I haven’t tried before is Pumpkin carving so I took the plunge and Maxx and I set about making one of the scariest pumpkins ever! I may be slightly biased.
First we got out the messy play mat as I was told pumpkin carving is messy! Let me tell you it is lol. Next we got all of our tools: A knife, a pen and a little pumpkin carving kit which we got from the local pound shop. I would highly recommend getting one as the saw tool is amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the tool.
After we had all of our tools we set to work. I started by cutting off the top of the pumpkin to make a lid. This was harder than I thought and I ended up searching on Google to see how best to make a lid. The web page I read stated to angle the knife down the way so the lid sits back on and doesn’t fall inside the pumpkin, this worked perfectly and after some tough cutting we had a pumpkin and lid.
When we looked inside the pumpkin I was surprised by how it looked. The next step is to take out all of the insides or (brains) as we called them. This is harder than it looks and requires a lot of scraping of the pumpkin to remove all of the insides.
Once the pumpkin is clean on the inside it’s time to make the scary face or design. I used a biro in blue to draw the face onto the pumpkin. I pressed lightly to make sure I didn’t scratch the pumpkin in case I decided to move the position. The biro washed of easily which is great as I put the eye in the wrong place the first time.
I used the pumpkin carving too from the kit we bought to cut out the face and it was really easy to do.


After we had our basic pumpkin it was time to put our plan together. For this we had to make a leg, Yes you heard me right a leg!  To make the leg we took a white sock and stuffed it with scrunched up newspaper, we then put the “foot” in one of my trainers, this was really simple to do and took the form of a foot really well. The next part was making the leg, I wasn’t really sure how to do this and initially I was going to make the leg out of newspaper however it didn’t look very leg like so I decided to use some bubble wrap. I rolled the bubble wrap until it was quite thick and long and it looked really good. I then cut the leg off of an old pair of jeans and put the leg inside the jeans.
Next we had to make some fake blood. I initially tried to make the fake blood using food colouring but the colour wasn’t strong enough to show up on the denim jeans. Instead I got out the tomato sauce and squirted some on a cut off of the jeans and it was perfect!
We put the end of the leg into the pumpkins mouth and squirted some tomato sauce on the ground and voila!
My Three and Me

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