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If you have ever tried to lose weight, you will know that it can seem easy as pie, or the lack of it, at some times. But at others, it can seem like a real uphill struggle. One way that some folks keep up their motivation is by rewarding themselves when they get to specific milestones. Which got me thinking about whether rewarding weight loss is a good idea and how you can do it?  

Against rewards

First of all, let’s look at the argument against this. Well, some folks can think that rewarding ourselves can reinforce a negative perception of being overweight. Which can make you feel worse if you don’t achieve your goals.

Also, some people can be concerned about the cost of rewarding themselves on top of the costs of plans they are on. Weight loss groups like Slimming World, do charge an attendance and registration fee and often require a change in food shopping habits. All these things that can add up when it comes to cost and leave little left for expensive rewards.

In favour of rewards  

Despite the concerns above, some folks think there are still some great benefits to rewarding yourself when you reach certain targets. Firstly it helps to keep motivated even during tough days, as you can see something that you want ahead of you.

It’s also a great idea to acknowledge to yourself the effort that you have made and the success you have achieved throughout regular intervals during your weight loss journey. This is because it positively reinforces the changes in you eating. As well as ensuring that you are breaking your goals down into smaller chunks. Something that makes them much more achievable.

With that said, it’s time to turn our attention to what actually makes a good reward with the suggestions below.


Jewellery is a great reward for some of the bigger milestones that you achieve with your weight loss. Although it may be a little too expensive for every single pound that you lose.

It works so well because it’s something that is special enough to feel like a real treat. It’s also personal to you, especially if you shop at stores like Jaubalet bespoke jewellery when you change the design to your own taste. Making it a great way to celebrate yourself.

Remember too that it can be worn or taken with you wherever you go. So it can act as a fantastic reminder to remember how far you have come and to continue to focus on healthy eating. Even when you have reached your target goal.


Another good choice for a weight loss reward is an experience that is luxurious. This could be in the form of getting a manicure or pedicure. Having a facial, or even treating yourself to a spa day.

Such pampering works well as a weight loss reward because it’s something that is very enjoyable that is not directly related to food. So you can have fun, as well as ensuring that you don’t get derailed from you long term weight loss goals.  

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