Dinner parties are some of the best ways to get together with friends, enjoy some good food and have an easy night of socialising. That is, unless you’re the host. Being the host and be stressful and involve working on the tips of your toes through the whole night. But it shouldn’t be that way. Dinner parties should be about creating the atmosphere for a great evening, even for yourself. So in this article, we’re going to look at how you take the stress out of planning a dinner party.

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Make it easier to get the food just right

Without a doubt, the most stressful part of hosting a dinner party is the food. Between getting everything you need, preparing it on time and making sure it tastes delicious. First, for taste, make sure you’re cooking something you can cook well. It doesn’t need to be all that fancy. This is a party, after all. Make it delicious and make it something you can actually cook. Get your ingredients sorted and ready to cook well before the clock counts down to the guests arriving. Make it easier to cook on yourself by stocking up on tools that take time out of the process. For example, using an automatic whisk and slicing tools from Borner.

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Keep the home prepared for guests well in advance

As with making sure you have everything you need to cook dinner, make sure the home is prepared with plenty of time prepared. If you can, get most of the cleaning done the night or morning before the evening. Make sure that fresh towels are left in the bathroom and that you have it smelling fresh. Stock everything you need and keep it unused in a drawer until you’re preparing for the guests coming. If you’re really worried about your home, try to look at it from a stranger’s perspective. This means the entrance as well. Try to make it more welcoming, even with something as simple as leaving a houseplant by it.

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Don’t let setbacks get you down

It will happen. It might not happen this dinner party, or the next one. But eventually, something will let you down. You won’t be able to get that ingredient. You’ve forgotten that someone’s a vegan. Setbacks happen but don’t let them get you down. Be gracious and adapt. Remember that everyone is there to have fun. If they’re being judgemental about any faults, it’s not your concern. That’s their inability to adapt. Even if you have to whip something up on a short notice, just relax and accept things as they are. Worrying about things that you can’t change is an easy way to make your evening a lot more stressful. So pour a glass of red, relax and just enjoy the ride.

We hope the tips above prove useful for the next time you’re arranging a dinner party. Remember that it’s your night to have fun as well. Also make sure that you have friends who’ll take their turn hosting you as well.

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