Can’t afford to head off on a foreign holiday this year? That doesn’t matter! You can still enjoy a great holiday without stepping onto a plane! More and more people are opting for a staycation each year. So, what exactly is a staycation? It’s just when you take a holiday in your own country. Here are some fantastic arguments all in favour of British staycations!

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Better For The Environment

You will be seriously cutting down on your air miles. In fact, you probably won’t be flying anywhere unless you head to Northern Ireland. But even then, you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking a ferry. No matter where you visit in Great Britain, you won’t be travelling as far as you would if you were heading to Europe. So you can be happy that you’re enjoying a very eco-friendly holiday!

Relax On An Award-Winning Beaches

Spain and Italy have all the best beaches in Europe, right? Actually, that isn’t quite the case! Many of the UK’s beaches have won awards for their cleanliness and facilities. There are 169 Blue Flag beaches, so you will likely have one close to you. Even if you don’t, you could go on a road trip to visit a few different ones. In fact, why not add them to your bucket list – try and visit all 169 beaches!

Brush Up On British History

It might be a while since your last history lesson at school, so you could be ready to brush up on your British history. There are many historic sites across the country that host exhibits detailing important parts of our history. They aren’t just educational, though. Many of the country’s castles, stately homes and monuments are exceptionally beautiful. They will make fantastic holiday snaps.

Plenty Of Alternative Trips

Holidays in Britain certainly don’t have to be boring. There are loads of alternative ideas, ranging from activities to quirky hotels. When you are booking your accommodation, try to find a themed hotel or one that offers some indulgent spa resort packages. There are also some cool places you could go for a day out. To devour lots of chocolate samples, how about an excursion to Cadbury World? Or enjoy a fun day out at one of the country’s many theme parks.

Play At Being A Tourist

If you are on a very tight budget, simply stay at home but spend a day at pretending to be a tourist in your home town. You could spend the day having fun learning things you never knew on walking tours or at local museums. By pretending to be a tourist, you will see your hometown or city from a completely new perspective. It’s also a great way to learn more, and therefore appreciate, the place where you live.

Once you’ve been on your first staycation, you might never want to leave the country again! And you’ll easily be able to keep on going on staycations throughout the year thanks to all the cash you save!

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