It can be so difficult to feel enthusiastic about your job. Even if you sometimes love it, there can be days when you wish you weren’t there. Sometimes you can feel like you’re doing the same things every single day. You would rather stay in bed than get up and go through the motions at work. Maybe you feel like you never have any energy, whether it’s physical or mental. If you have a desire to do more with your career, you need to change your attitude and your habits. With the right adjustments, you could feel positive about where your career is headed. It could result in a new job or more enjoyment or your current one.

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Find What Motivates You

If you want to feel inspired to move your career forwards, you need to know what gets you out of bed in the morning. At the moment, it might feel like the only thing that motivates you is the threat of being penniless. However, you can find something positive to get you going, instead of relying on negative things to motivate you. What do you enjoy about your job, even when everything else feels a bit rubbish? Perhaps it’s working with your colleagues or seeing the outcome of something you’ve been working on. It could even just be the money you earn.

Working Out What You Want

Once you’ve worked out what gets you going, you need some goals. It’s difficult to have a motivated attitude if you’re not working towards something. Of course, you have work to complete and targets to meet at work. However, these goals aren’t really for you. Sometimes you need something more personal to aim for. So how do you work out what you want? Start by thinking about your thing that motivates you. You can consider how you can do it or focus on it more. For example, perhaps you prefer when you can quietly get on with your work on your own. Could this be something you aim for in your career as a whole? You could work towards having a more independent career that you have more control over.

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Finding the Energy

Sometimes, it’s not just mental energy that you need to get you going. You need both the focus and the physical ability to keep going. Being tired all the time can make you feel dispassionate about your career. It’s hard to care about work when you’re so exhausted all day. There are lots of ways you can boost your energy levels and your enthusiasm. For example, many people find that a supplement can help to keep them awake throughout the day. Reorganising your sleeping patterns can help too. Try going to bed early and getting up early. Getting lots down before you go to work can help you feel energised, and you’ve already achieved something by 8 am.

Once you’ve found the energy and motivation you need, channel it into organising your career. Making plans will give you more structure and direction.

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