What would your #ImpossibleExperiences be?


If the impossible was possible what would you do? Would you go back in time to see the dinosaurs, use a jet pack to fly around the solar system or maybe be invisible for the day?

Into The Blue want to know what your #impossibleexperiences would be if the only limit was your imagination. If you have a good imagination and love getting creative then have a think about what yours would be and share it with Into The Blue. The most creative and innovative ideas will win a £200 voucher to enjoy a real life experience from Into The Blue and there are 3 vouchers up for grabs so plenty of chances to win! To get you started I will share three of my Impossible Experiences.



I would love to be able to time travel or stop time. I think it would be amazing to go back in time, imagine going back to see dinosaurs in the flesh, or going back to a point in your life and changing something for the better. I’m sure it’s something we have all thought about at some point. Stopping time would also be great, we could pause a moment in time so we could appreciate it or even stop time so we could get more done then start it again to give us a little extra time in the day.  Now wouldn’t that be nice!



Another Impossible Experience that came to mind was a trip to the afterlife. Yes I know, that might be considered a little morbid, but it would be amazing to know where we go and what happens. If there’s a heaven, pearly gates and a tunnel of light.. it’s always been something I have thought about since a young age. It would be amazing to see relatives who are no longer with us, just to give them a cuddle and see them again, even for 5 minutes.



My third would be attending the Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatters tea party! How amazing would that be, seeing all of the characters, the magic and the fun! I loved Alice In Wonderland as a child and this would definitely be an amazing, but sadly impossible experience.

Hopefully my #impossibleexperiences have given you some inspiration to get involved. You can find out more about the competition by visiting the Into The Blue website, you will also find more ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to follow Into The Blue on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates and to find out who the lucky winners are!

The competition is open to UK residents and closes on the 29th of February so get your thinking cap on. You can enter as many times as your imagination allows! Good Luck!

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