10 Amazing Festivals You Should Add to your Bucket List

The UK plays host to some amazing festivals, St Patricks Day, Up Helly Aa Fire Festival and Glastonbury festival to name a few. If you’re looking for a festival to attend the UK has some great choices, if you’re looking a little further afield there are some truly unique and amazing festivals happening annually around the world.

If you’re looking for a new festival to enjoy then take a look at the 10 Amazing festivals you should add to your bucket list below. There’s a great range of unique, exciting and messy festivals to enjoy, there’s something for everyone festivalgoer. I will be updating my 40 before 40 lists with a few of these great events.

Holi — Asia and worldwide

Also known as The Festival of Colour, Holi is a spring festival celebrated by Hindus. The festivals take place across Asia and in countries across the world with large India populations where the festival is also observed. Holi celebrates the end of winter and start of spring, the victory of good over evil and it also represents a coming together of people to enjoy a day of happiness, forgiveness and fun. The festival lasts a night and a day with the evening activities giving way to a day of colour and fun where people cover each other in a variety of colourful powders.

Songkran – Thailand

What could be better on a hot day than a huge water fight? Songkran which is celebrated on the 13th of April each year, in the past the event represented the New Year in Thailand, however that has since changed and Thailand moved their New Year to the 1st of January in 1940. The Songkran festival is now a national holiday in Thailand where everyone gathers to enjoy a huge water fight – sounds fun, right?! If you want to visit Thailand and attend Songkran take a look at where you can book the perfect holiday or hotel for your vacation.

Mardi Gras — New Orleans

The festival of Mardi Gras takes place in the city of New Orleans and is well known for colourful beaded necklaces, each year this colourful carnival attracts people from all over the world who want to be part of the action. The event lasts two weeks with the last week bring the larger parades which travel through the streets each day, some days there are several large parades with music, dancing and of course the chance to bag yourself some colourful beads.

The Rio Carnival – Brazil

This is arguably one of the most popular and well know festivals in the world and it’s easy to see why. The Rio Carnival takes place annually and the next carnival is in 2019 (2nd March – 9th March). The event is a spectacular display of colour, fun and dancing through the street with over a million people attending the festival each day of the week-long event. It’s one not to be missed if you want to attend a festival that’s fun, vibrant and full of life.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival – Harbin, China

The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival takes place on January the 5th in Harbin, China and lasts one month. The festival is the largest ice and snow festival in the world where competitors come to create ice and snow sculptures to wow the crowds. There are also competitions to judge the best sculptures.

Dubai Shopping Festival

This festival is great for fashionistas and bargain hunters who love shopping and like to bag themselves a bargain. The month-long festival offers consumers the chance to save money on purchases thanks to shops offering great discounts on their products, there are also prize raffles and a spectacular fireworks display each day. The festival attracts shoppers from all over the world boasting an annual attraction of 3 million people.

La Tomatina — Buñol, Spain

If you don’t mind getting a little bit of something in your hair then this festival is for you. La Tomatina has been taking place since 1945 and draws huge crowds from all over the world who spend the day throwing tomatoes at each other for fun. The festival takes place during the last Wednesday of August and is an event which both locals and travellers look forward to every year.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival — Lerwick, Scotland

This festival is held in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. The fire festival is held in the middle of winter to celebrate the end of the Yule season. It involves a parade of up to one thousand people, referred to as guizers who make their way through the town many wearing costumes and carrying lit torches to mark the occasion.

Oktoberfest — Munich, Germany

If you enjoy a fine ale then a trip to Oktoberfest should be on your festival bucket list. It’s the largest beer festival in the world, it attracts an estimated 6 million people and over 7.7million litres of Oktoberfest beer was sold in 2013! The festival is held annually and is spread over 16 to 18 days from mid to late September. As well as enjoying some beer you can enjoy games, funfair rides and traditional stalls.

Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

This popular festival was the brainchild of a cosmetics company who wanted to promote their products which used mud said to be rich in minerals. Mud is taken from Boryeong mud flats and taken to a nearby beach where the festival takes place. It lasts a full two weeks with the second week being the most popular time for visitors to attend. It sounds like a fun event that might even be beneficial to your skin, what’s not to love?! The festival takes place during the summer and attracts an impressive 2.2 million people.

Which festival from the list would you be adding to your bucket list?

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