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Finding space in your bedroom is a difficult task. Finding where to put everything and not leave it all in a massive cluttered mess is, frankly, a fine art that takes a lot of innovation to master. Take a look at some of the cleverest ways to put everything in its proper place:

  1. Hide your knick-knacks 

A full-length mirror is a must for any bedroom, so why not kill two birds with one stone and put hinges on your wall mounted mirror and some hooks behind it. Then you’ll have a multitude of space to hang your keys, jewellery, or anything else your heart desires.

  1. Organise the back of your desk 

If have a desk in your bedroom, I’m willing to bet the back of it looks like a spaghetti junction. With so many wires tangled up into a ball, it becomes a veritable nightmare when you need to use one of them. Using a few simple paper binder clips can solve this problem, separating all your wires and keeping out the knots.

  1. Build a bookcase AND a staircase

It’s possible to create a bookcase that can be pulled out to create a staircase. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Only problem is – it’s a little tricky to build unless you love a little DIY or have someone on hand that does. But then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  1. Storage beds

Always thought your bed was taking up too much space in your room? Now, it’s not a problem. Oak ottoman beds are a perfect for hidden storage underneath your mattress. With a blend of style and space, they’re a great place to put those spare sheets.

  1. Install a few shelves

There’s a massive amount of unused space on your walls. You can optimize that by including a perimeter of shelves along the top of your room. You’re never going to use it any other way, so you may as well put something up there.

  1. Take those shoes off the floor

Putting a few well-placed pegs on the back of a wardrobe can be a great way to get those shoes off the floor and out of your way. Make sure the pegs are the durable kind, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is opening your wardrobe to find all your shoes have fallen off in the night.

  1. Get creative with a desk organiser

You might have heard of a desk organiser, it is used to separate stationary within your workspace. Well, have you considered using one of these in your own bedroom? It can be handy for keeping together all those odds and ends scattered around your room.

  1. Get seats with more space

Thought chairs were just for sitting? Guess again. Just like storage beds there are several options for hollowed out chairs, that can fit all kinds of things inside of them. A storage stool is a great method of storing clutter somewhere clever.

  1. Opt for a headboard with pull out drawers 

Yet another option that optimises the space your bed takes up within your bedroom. With a handy little pull out drawer in your headboard, everything you need will be in arm’s reach when you wake up in the morning.

  1. Hang up your laundry

Replace your laundry basket taking up valuable floor space with a hanging hamper. Easy to fit on the back of your door, half the job of doing the laundry is lifting that heavy sack out of the basket, so in a way, we’ve just helped you do 50% of your washing!

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