Fashion is a funny business. What’s in one month is out the next, colours, patterns and cuts all change regularly, and before you know it you could be wearing last seasons style. It can be hard to keep up with trends and know what’s hot and what’s not, especially when things move so fast in the fashion industry.

If you’re on the lookout for fashion tips then look no further, Stand-out.net have put together a funny, but also informative infographic which provides 22 top tips for mens fashion. The tips will have you laughing and nodding along in agreement.

I love tip number 10, ‘There is a difference between water resistance and water proof. This is usually learnt the hard way.’ This tip can be appreciated by men and woman, we know only too well the results of making this mistake and ending up with panda eyes when it rains.

As the saying goes, you can only make one first impression, so why not make it a good one. Although this infographic has a lot of comical value, it also has some great style tips.


What is your favourite tip from the infographic?

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