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3 Changes I made to Improve my Dry Skin

Skin is the largest human organ and often one of the most neglected. I’m guilty of neglecting my skin over the years and thinking a baby wipe was a sufficient skincare routine – it’s not.

My skin isn’t hugely problematic, I have never really suffered from spots even during my teenage years they were never an issue. I tend to get the odd spot here and there which coincides with my period but other than that my skin isn’t prone to spots.

I do however have dry and sensitive skin, especially during the cold winter months. During the summer months, my skin is almost problem free, I’m lured into a false sense of security until autumn and winter hits. The change in weather and the cold seem to wreak havoc with my skin and it becomes dry and patchy which isn’t a great look. I then spend the winter months smothering my face in lotions and potions trying to hydrate it.

This has been an ongoing issue for the last few years until I decided to take action last year and make a few changes to try and improve my dry skin, especially over the colder months.


I’ll hold my hands up and admit that my diet has never been brilliant, in the past I would often skip breakfast and sometimes lunch if I was really busy, I would then grab something quick for dinner because I hadn’t eaten all day. I also struggled to drink enough water which I know is crucial to keeping skin hydrated and healthy.

Since making changes to my lifestyle I now make sure I have 3 meals a day even if breakfast is a couple of pieces of fruit, I also ensure I have a good range of vegetables with my meals. With regards to my water intake, I can honestly say that I’m now drinking a lot of water and have been for months, this has probably been a big contributor in soothing my dry skin.

Skincare routine

Before I took a serious look at my skincare routine I would often clean my face with a baby wipe, slap on some moisturiser and call it a day. When I look back, it’s no surprise my skin began to suffer because I wasn’t doing the right things.

I didn’t really know where to start or what would be best suited to my skin type so it took a bit of trial and error but I now have a daily skincare routine which has helped keep my skin hydrated and looking it’s best. I now cleanse my face, followed by toner and then a moisturiser with spf15 it takes a matter of minutes and my skin looks and feels great afterwards. I follow this routine morning and night.

If you’re having problems with your skin you could try speaking to a skincare specialist in your local beauty store or you could take a look at the Sarah Chapman Skinesisis range. Head over to the website and click help me choose, after answering a few questions you will then find out which products will be best suited to your skin type and lifestyle. It’s a brilliant tool if like me you’re not sure which products will be best suited to your skin.


I’m not someone who naturally loves exercise, I have to remind myself it’s important and push myself to do it because I know it’s good for my health. I’m following Slimming World and actively trying to lose weight so I’m making exercise a part of my everyday routine but I wasn’t aware until recently that it also has benefits for the skin too.

Exercising increases blood circulation and spreads oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, including to our skin. I like to exercise first thing in the morning, I can then jump in the shower and follow my normal daily skincare routine to make sure my face is clean and sweat free after exercising.

Since implementing these changes my skin has improved a lot, I no longer have dry patches on my face and the products I use sooth my sensitive skin rather than irritating it. It has taken time and trial and error but I’m happy with the changes I have made and the results.

Do you have a daily skincare routine? Do you suffer from problematic skin?

*This is a collaborative post

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