3 Cities To Consider For New Year In China

New Year’s Eve is wonderful to reflect on a year gone by, and what better way to ring in the New Year than in China? Here are some of the best cities to enjoy on New Year’s Eve in China. 


Often likened to Paris or New York City, Shanghai is a cosmopolitan city and it gives you the chance to experience an array of sky-scrapers and colonial charm. You could begin New Year’s Eve morning with a delicious Shanghai breakfast in a local restaurant complete with soup dumplings. Then, check out the vibrant city with it’s incredible colonial and modern art history before topping the day off with a dinner at one of the amazing Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. As the sun sets on the last day of the year, hop aboard a river cruise along the Huangpu River to watch the fireworks shooting up over the water, or enjoy them from a rooftop bar. 

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong’s glittering skyline rivals just about any New Year’s Eve fireworks show. The best place to ring in a new year is definitely in Hong Kong, so be sure to check out our high quality and superb China tours. Begin the day with a hike up the stunning Victoria Peak and take in the sensational sights of the city, before checking out the western market. Grab a bite for lunch from a street market and then head over to the older stores where you could have a brand-new outfit tailor-made. Before the evening sets in, enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea at one of Hong Kong’s prestigious hotels and then head out on a traditional junk boat in Victoria Harbour where you can see in a brand-new year. Hong Kong also offers some stunning rooftop bars from which to ring in the year. 


If you prefer a somewhat slower vibe and would prefer a spiritual new year, why not head to Dali in Yunnan province? The city offers a laid-back California kind of attitude along with a temperate climate. Begin your last day of the year with a hike up Cang Mountain. Along the slopes, you can stop for a visit to the tea plantation and pick your own tea leaves. In the afternoon you could visit the local market and enjoy a taste of the local food. Be sure to try the Bai three-cup tea ceremony where you will receive three different teas, with each one representing an important part of life. For dinner, visit an authentic local restaurant for a delicious traditional meal and then visit any of the local villages to learn about artisanal products, try hand-crafted cheeses and salts, and even savoury ham before you celebrate the beginning of an all-new year. 

If you’re planning to celebrate the New Year in China, the 3 cities we’ve discussed above are the top choices. Book your China trip today! 

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