With the summer holidays looming just around the corner and endless blue-sky days ahead, filling your days with activities can be difficult! There are plenty of activities that can be done indoors, but when the sun is shining, who wants to stay stuck inside?

Getting your friends together to have a few evenings around a fire pit and enjoying cocktails is one thing, but what about things that get you together to just have fun? Whiling away the days sunbathing in a field is definitely an option, but there are many summer events you could organise for your friends, or even for your office at work. Summer is supposed to be full of fun and with these ideas, you can pack your days with excitement.

Organise A Fun Run. Exercise for some doesn’t sound like a good time, but until you’ve done a fun run, you haven’t lived. If you add Holi Colour to your fun run and make it a colour run, you and your friends will be smothered in colour from top to toe and laughing. It’s not about having a competition, as the clue is in the name. If you’re organising this for your workplace, then you could make something of it and do a fun colour run for charity, raising money for your favourite cause. You can hold the fun run in a park, sports court or even a field if you have the right permission. Having a colour run does mean some clean up in the end but you can read here about how to do that.

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Sports Day. Take yourselves back to your childhood fun days out and arrange for you and your friends or colleagues to take part in a sports day. Bring back all the old classics; egg and spoon races, sack races, hula hooping contests – you name it you can do it. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to organise, either, as most of the sports are free! Host it in the garden if you have the space to make the most of it in the sun.

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Pot Luck BBQ. You’ve probably heard of the American pot luck dinners, where everyone brings a plate to a dinner. Like this but with a twist! A BBQ means you host the meat cooking and everyone else brings a side or dessert, or even drinks. By having a pot luck BBQ, you can get your friends or colleagues involved in a wonderfully community event. You can even go the extra mile and have people bring a cultural dish, just for something a little bit different.

Each of these ideas incorporate fun, sunshine and a feeling of community. You could make it a charity event if you choose and raise some money for a great cause. If not, you can still have some wonderful fun with the people that are closest to you. Enjoying the summer is an absolute must and if you aren’t heading away on a break, then filling the time with fun events and parties is the way forward.

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