3 Reasons Homeowners Need A Second Phone

Can you off the top of your head name anybody who doesn’t own a phone?

Nowadays, smartphones have become the perfect assistant in our everyday life. If you need to order a last minute present, you only need to open your favourite online retail app to choose your gift in a few clicks. Is there nothing in the fridge? Easy, order food to be delivered directly from your phone. Do you need to park in town? You can even sort out your parking fees on your phone. In other words, the main reason why everybody has a phone is that it’s an integrated part of your routine.

Sometimes one phone isn’t enough. Businesses tend to supply their senior members of staff with a corporate phone. But did you know that even homeowners could do with having a second phone? Admittedly, when you don’t operate under an LTD label, you might have to compare mobile phones deals and prices to find the most cost-effective option. If you’re unsure whether you should get a second phone, these are the most common scenarios where homeowners choose to have two numbers.

Rent-a-room scheme

#1. You’re renting out a property

If you own a property you’re renting out, you might want to find the best solution to maximise your profit. Ultimately, small properties tend to have low rental fees, which can make it tricky for a landlord or a landlady to generate any positive income once you consider the cost of maintenance and management. But if you choose to single-handedly manage your tenants – without a real estate agent – you can cut additional costs. However, the law needs you to be available to your tenants for all issues and queries, which means that you need to provide a phone number. Using a separate number for your property allows you to maintain your privacy.

#2. You’re renting out a room as a host

If you have a spare room you are renting to travellers and temporary students, you need to create a cosy and accessible space under your roof. Ultimately sharing your home with a stranger needs some adjusting. You have to make room for your guests in your fridge and kitchen cupboards, as you will be sharing the facilities. The rent a room scheme lets you earn up to £7,500 tax-free – for anything above, you’ll need to pay taxes. It’s a good idea to provide a phone number so that your guests can get in touch when they arrive or if they have any question about the room. A second phone protects your privacy.

#3. You’re a home-based blogger

Last, but not least, if you’re a blogger trying to monetise your online presence, you might come across potential brands that want to promote their services on your site. While you want to be easy to contact, you may not want to publish your private phone number online. Your second phone lets you manage business opportunities without disrupting your everyday life. Additionally, it also ensures that you don’t receive calls at any hour of the night and day.


Not everyone needs to have two phone numbers. But if you’re building a second stream of revenues, it can be helpful for your side hustle to offer contact details. A second phone lets you manage your side venture without affecting your family life!

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