3 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Hair

Lots of people experience hair loss, but this may not be much of a consolation if your tresses are thinning. Losing your hair can come as a shock and knock your confidence. If you’ve noticed that you’re shedding more hair than normal and you’re wondering why this is happening, keep reading. Here are three reasons you might be losing your locks, along with treatment tips that could help to slow or reverse this process. 

  1. It’s in your genes

One possible cause is your genes. The most common type of hair loss in men is male-pattern baldness, and this is a hereditary condition. It’s believed to be a result of over-sensitive hair follicles and is linked to having too much of a particular hormone. In women, female-pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss. Also thought to be inherited, it’s especially widespread among older women. 

There’s no cure for these types of hair loss, but there are treatments available. Men can use treatments containing the active ingredient finasteride. For example, they can request Propecia from Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy or other reputable pharmacies. Taken in tablet form, this treatment helps to slow hair loss in many cases and it can even reverse it. Meanwhile, both men and women can use lotions containing the active ingredient minoxidil, which also works to slow down hair loss and can encourage new growth.   

  1. You’re stressed out

If your hair loss isn’t hereditary, it’s possible it may be caused by too much stress. A condition called telogen effluvium, which can be triggered by intense emotional or physical stress, results in a thinning of hair across the scalp. This can also be brought on by crash diets or illness. 

The good news is, if you think your fading tresses are the result of one of these issues, your hair should start to regrow naturally. This usually happens within around six months. It’s important to take steps to look after yourself though – and this could mean changing your lifestyle and improving your diet. 

  1. Your hairstyle’s causing you harm

You may not realise it, but the way you style your locks can also trigger hair loss. If you have a tendency to wear your hair pulled tightly back in ponytails or braids, or you have hair extensions or clip-ins that tug on your tresses, you might be giving yourself traction alopecia. This happens when you persistently pull on the roots of your locks. Prolonged tension on your hair follicles can cause inflammation and scarring that ultimately leads to permanent hair loss. Being too rough when you brush and style your tresses can also result in thinning because it causes more strands to break. 

If your hairstyle is taking its toll on your tresses, switching up your beauty routine could be the simple solution you’re looking for. 

Some people embrace thinning hair, but if you’re not ready to lose your locks it’s worth getting to grips with the cause of the issue and investigating your treatment options. In closing, there is another solution to help build your confidence while you are in the public eye. A stylish hat is great choice to hide baldness and as a added bonus, can keep the sun out of your face and neck.

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