30 ways to save £1


30 ways to save £1


To celebrate the £1 coin turning 30 MoneySupermarket are asking UK bloggers to give as many money saving tips as possible. Their original aim was to get a total of 1,000 money saving tips, they have already smashed this target, but the more the merrier right!
I have listed my 30 tips below. They range from tips to saving money in and around the home to was to save money if you have kids. I hope you find them helpful 🙂
  1. Use bath and rain water to water your plants indoors and out
  2. Re-use gift bags by attaching new gift tags to them, you can even personalise them
  3. Read the news online rather than buying a newspaper (It’s free)
  4. Take a packed lunch to work rather than buying something when your out
  5. Do not leave electrical items on standby, make sure they are unplugged
  6. Let your hair dry naturally rather than using the hair dryer (Now that it’s getting warmer!)
  7. Turn those ripped jeans into a pair of shorts (even if you just use them for lounging about the house)
  8. Use energy saving lightbulbs (You do get used to them)
  9. If you receive a lot of parcels re-use the envelopes (It’s saves money and the planet)
  10. Only use the amount you need in your kettle
  11. Look for discount codes before making online purchases
  12. If possible buy things in the sale for the next year, Christmas, Halloween etc
  13. Use cashback websites (you get cash back for something you would buy anyway!)
  14. Print money off vouchers and uses in store
  15. Use e-mail and Facebook to talk to friends and family rather than texting or phoning
  16. Look out for free product trials
  17. Wait for ebays free listing before listing items on there or join your local Facebook selling page’s
  18. Look for the best energy providers, compare prices and switch if necessary
  19. Join up to loyalty schemes
  20. If you do your food shop online plan meals so you know exactly what you need
  21. Look out for free e-books and apps
  22. Collect scraps of paper and Toilet roll holders etc to use to make crafts rather than buying items
  23. Make your own Superhero/dress up costumes using old clothes
  24. Make your own playdough
  25. Go for a walk with the kids and make it fun – see what you can spot
  26. Keep children entertained by making personalised Birthday and Christmas cards
  27. Invest in re-useable ice lolly moulds it works out much cheaper than buying lollies in the long run
  28. Look out for free kids days out and 2 for 1 vouchers
  29. Go to museums to enjoy a free trip out lots don’t charge
  30. Buy in bulk and when things are on special offer
Money Supermarket are still on the look out for tips even though they have surpassed their 1,000 target.
There are a few requirements to taking part in the competition:
  • You must have a blog
  • You need to write a blog post about your favourite ways to save money and list them
If you would like to get involved take a look at the website: www.moneysupermarket.com where you can find the terms and conditions for taking part.

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    Stacey Guilliatt
    May 16, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    I already do some of these but need to do more really, and I could 🙂

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