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4 Adorable Bedroom Ideas for Twins

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but my gran on my dad’s side was a twin, although the “fact” about twins skipping a generation is actually a myth it does mean there’s a higher likelihood of myself or one of my sisters having twins.

Everyone seems to think that I would be the one to have twins, in fact, it has become a bit of a running joke. I have always said I would love to have twins so who knows what the future holds, I would certainly love to design a bedroom for twins there are so many lovely designs and ideas to choose from.

If you’re currently planning a bedroom for twins but you’re feeling overwhelmed with it all don’t panic! I have a few adorable bedroom ideas for twins below.

A royal theme

I have noticed a lot of royal-themed bedrooms recently so this is definitely on trend at the moment and it’s a lovely theme which works great for twins whether you have two boys, two girls or a girl and a boy.

This theme is so sweet and doesn’t have to cost the earth. When creating a royal-themed bedroom think gold gilded frames, a canopy above the cot/bed, crowns/tiaras and a few frills and ruffles to create a bedroom fit for a prince or princess.

Modern monochrome

Monochrome has been a popular colour scheme for a few years now and I have seen a lot of lovely monochrome bedrooms for babies and children. It’s an easy colour scheme to work with and a great choice if you’re choosing not to find out the sex of your babies.

Crisp white walls, black furniture, a black and white rug and some well-placed accessories can really make a room look stylish and chic. It’s also a colour scheme you can alter easily as your children grow by adding some subtle colour to change the theme of the room over time.

Fairy tale 

A fairy tale bedroom is a lovely idea and one that’s perfect from birth onwards. There are so many fairy tales to choose from which would work in a nursery or young child’s bedroom.

You could paint a fairy tale mural on the walls or paint them white and add a few fairy tale characters to the wall. A white mid sleeper cabin bed would be a great choice in a fairy tale room, you could create a hideaway under the bed or even extra storage if space is an issue.

A few ideas for a fairy tale nursery include Bambi, Dumbo, Goldilocks and Cinderella but there’s a huge selection of fairy tales to choose from.

It’s a twin thing

Some people choose to embrace the fact their children are twins while others prefer to embrace individuality.  If you want to embrace the fact your children are twins and make that a feature int heir bedroom there are a few ways you can do this.

A common theme for those embracing a twin theme is Dr Seuss and Twin 1/Twin 2 theme. This is a very cute theme which can use a variety of colours, blue, green, red or purple which makes it a really versatile theme which could suit any home.

If you have any great ideas for bedrooms for twins I would love to hear them.

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