4 Reasons Vinyl Records are Popular Again

No matter what generation you’re from, whether you grew up listening to LPs, making mix tapes, collecting CDs or streaming music, you’ve probably encountered the resurgence of vinyl records. 

With the popularity of vinyl reaching a 25-year high as sales continue to grow, it seems that records are well and truly back, becoming one of the UK’s favourite ways of listening to music. But in a world where we’re increasingly reliant on tech – especially our phones – why is this? 

If you’re yet to buy into the hype, here are 4 reasons why vinyl has made a comeback. 

Creating a Collection 

For many people, building a collection is a satisfying experience. Decorating shelves and taking pride of place in their homes, a collection is a great hobby that ties into a passion.  

A vinyl collection can be framed and hung on the wall, listened to for endless hours of enjoyment and unlike streaming or buying digitally, it provides collectors with a physical copy. What’s more, with limited edition, rare and exclusive artwork versions, records are just crying out to be collected. 

Tracking them Down 

Want to add a song to your playlist? Just search for it. Want to download a song? Again, search for it. Looking for a specific vinyl? This can be a longer and more complex quest. 

Providing a perfect way for music lovers to spend a weekend, it can take time to track down an LP online, at a market, or in a vinyl store. Plus, unlike streaming which provides instant gratification, collecting vinyl records offers the thrill of the chase, making it an exciting experience. 

Part of a Community 

Collectors tend to belong to communities and being part of a group is always appealing. From fans of a film franchise to music artists with fandom nicknames, we all like to feel that we belong somewhere. 

The resurgence of vinyl has created a different community of music lovers, bringing like minded people together to hunt for, listen to and discuss records. 

Superior Sound Quality 

Lastly, have you ever heard people say vinyl sounds so much better? This is often the number one reason collectors give for their obsession and it’s certainly true – records do sound different to the digital files we stream. 

The sound of a vinyl is often imperfect, with crackles and a feeling of more depth. It can make music feel more authentic and provide people with a different, more emotional connection to their favourite songs or artists. 

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    July 5, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    I inherited a lot of vinyl and my fiancé has his own collection.. I quite enjoy them. There’s just a special sort of feeling you get when you put one on.
    We don’t collect them or anything but I’m certainly not opposed to buying them.

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