4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Wrocław, Poland

The world is your oyster and, for this reason, choosing your next holiday destination can be an adventure all on its own. In an effort to take some of that work on for you, why not choose a destination that is not only unique and full of things to explore, but also one that won’t rip a hole in your budget? Consider Wrocław, the fourth largest city in Poland, sitting on the banks of the River Oder, and pronounced something like vrot-zwarv, in case you were wondering.  

Here are just a few reasons why Wrocław should be your next holiday destination: 


Located in Western Poland, Wrocław is a city of mixed heritage, and this is evident in its buildings and infrastructure. Walking through the city centre, you can find buildings featuring architecture influenced by Bohemian, Austrian, and Prussian traditions. Wrocław has such a beautiful skyline filled with this architecture, that it is often compared with Prague and Paris. Who wouldn’t want to boast that they went to the Paris of Poland? 

From the multi-coloured façades of the buildings lining the Old Town Square and its beautiful Old Town Hall, to the train stations, Centennial Hall, and Sky Tower, Wrocław is bursting with architecture both old and new that is just waiting to impress you. 


Although holiday travel and learning don’t typically go hand-in-hand, neither does travelling to Wrocław in the first place (touché!) Polish, as a language, is a bit like Europe’s figurative sleeping language giant with over 55 million speakers and is the second-most spoken Slavic language after Russian. Sure, you could learn on an app on Duolingo or you could sign up for online classes with language course providers such as or, but why not travel to Wrocław in order to learn Polish and speak as the Poles do? Maybe you could take a pierogi-making class or through in some Gołąbki while you’re at it. 

Statues and monuments 

Wrocław is teeming with interesting monuments for you to look at, and though that might sound like a dull way to spend part of your holiday, this city will entice you in with pieces that are entirely unique.  

First there are the traditional ones, like the St. John of Nepomuk Monument in front of St. Bartholomew Church, and the Pomnik Aleksandra Fredry statue in the market square that serves as a meeting point for many walking tours. Then, there are the unique pieces, like the Pociag do Nieba Monument, or Sky Train as it is more locally known. The Anonymous Pedestrians rise up from the pavement and could almost pass as regular people instead of statues, merging with the crowds. And finally, a must-see, are Wrocław’s Dwarves. These 350 figurines of dwarves in various occupations and poses are spread out across the city, and even have their own app so you can find out more about them. Anybody up for a scavenger hunt? 


As well as being an increasingly-popular place for tourism, Wrocław is also known as a university city. Perhaps that is why the staff in the local bars are so laid back; go to any of the bars in the Market Square and the staff will happily keep you company until the very last customer stumbles their way out in the early morning light. Most nightlife in Wrocław is unsurprisingly centred around the Market Square, though this spills over on to the local streets with numerous bars, pubs, and clubs to keep you entertained. One of the great things about Wrocław is that all of these locations are in stumbling distance—and there will be eateries aplenty to keep you fed should you get hungry on your way back to your accommodation. 

Although so much has been mentioned and described, we’ve barely scratched the surface of Wrocław. This city of culture has art, music, summer festivals, and so many more things for you to enjoy. It is easy to reach, and the views will leave you impressed no matter where you look. Why not make Wrocław the next place you choose to visit? 

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