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4 Steps To Updating Your Master Bathroom

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With the average cost of renovating your bathroom in the UK amounting to at least £4,500 for both furniture and installation, it’s crucial to renovate your bathroom correctly to ensure it will stand the test of time in both durability and style. If you’re stuck on the planning process of where to start your renovation, the 4 steps below cover the main areas to consider before the refurbishment begins.


From toilets not flushing correctly to creaky pipes, it’s wise to initially request a plumber to visit your property to survey the age and life left in your plumbing system to gauge whether or not it may be worth replacing parts. The need for new piping and whether you require the 8mm 316 stainless steel tubes to withstand future corrosion, is highly dependant on whether your plumber feels that new pipes will be necessary. Assessing and fixing the plumbing issues first will allow you to continue your renovation without interruption later on. It’s also worth looking at your radiators and assessing if they need to be replaced, older radiators can be replaced with new traditional style radiators. Not only will new radiators look great but they will be more energy efficient which will save you money in the long run. 

New Suite

For those who detest the worn, outdated appearance of their 70’s styled shell effect sink and bath, you may be dreaming of a new suite to take centre stage in your newly renovated bathroom. Your choice of suite is largely dependant on the size of your bathroom and the style you are hoping to achieve. For instance, larger bathrooms may suit a standalone tub at the centre of the room, others may prefer the idea of a whirlpool tub tucked away into the corner or for small bathrooms, perhaps a walk in shower to create more open floor space. Regarding a recommended colour, white sustains a modern look that will last. A white suite shall also leave you the room to change the colour scheme of your bathroom in years to come to help update your bathroom without the added work of having to change the entire suite.


The fun begins once the pipework and suite are installed as you can start experimenting with colours to add character to your bathroom. You may wish to follow some of the bathroom trends such as scandi, rustic, or traditional. Alternatively, you could even mix up a few styles to suit you.

Either way, when you are testing different colours,  it’s imperative to view how the colours will appear at different times of the day. For example, those who opt for a grey paint, are usually disappointed to find in the natural light of the bathroom it displays either a blue or lilac hue instead of the specific grey colour they had originally intended.

For flooring, vinyl is cost-effective and easy to maintain in comparison to tiles. Tiles may require consistent maintenance if they’re not kept dry. Changes in temperature and excessive exposure to water can make the grout crack and come away.


Add a few finishing touches to complete your renovation, with some lighting to emulate the feel and style of the room you are hoping to achieve. The colour of the bulb you choose plays an integral part in setting the ambience for the bathroom. For example, warm white, provides a warming effect to the room, whereas bright white bulbs will reflect a sparkly hue off of your white bathroom suite creating a pristine appearance. Trial dressing up your new bathroom, by experimenting with candles, bathmats, and hand towels in bold shades and plan room for much-needed storage to provide a home for bath toys, lotions, and potions.

Renovating an outdated bathroom is beneficial for you and your family to provide a functional room which is pleasant to spend time in. Also by tailoring the room to your interior design tastes, you can make a pleasant atmosphere for you to relax, pamper and unwind.

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