5 Activities I will be Enjoying this Summer

There are 5 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 14 minutes and 49 seconds until my holiday – not that I’m counting! I can’t wait to head to North Devon for the week, I’m really looking forward to getting away and leaving work/normal daily life behind for a little while and just embracing everything the holiday has to offer.

I’m heading to Woolacombe Bay in North Devon with family and I’m looking forward to enjoying a lot of the activities that are available in this area of Devon. The holiday park comprises of four different parks and we will have access to all four parks which means there will be a lot to do and see which is exactly what I want from a holiday.

Don’t get me wrong I like a day or two spent on the beach as much as the next person but I enjoy being out and about exploring and enjoying activities while on holiday. It’s an opportunity to enjoy something I don’t normally get to do. There are a lot of activities I’m looking forward to enjoying during my week away, my top 5 are listed below.

Horse riding

I have spoken before about my love of horse riding and the fact it’s something I really want to get back into, it’s actually number 19 on my 40 before 40 list. I love animals and I loved learning to ride in my teens but after moving it’s something that fell by the wayside and that I didn’t find the time to pick back up again.

Luckily for me, there’s a riding school located near to the holiday park where they offer lessons and hacks along the beach which would be amazing. I’m thinking of booking a refresher lesson a couple of days into the holiday then I will book a hack along the beach near the end of the holiday, I’m really looking forward to riding again and think it will be one of the highlights of the holiday.

I would love to own a horse, that would be a dream come true. It’s a massive commitment, I would need a lot of land or to rent space at a stable, time to commit to riding, grooming etc, then there’s farriers, vets and you need good quality food such as horse feed from Spillers – it all adds up. I know from friends who have horses it’s a costly hobby but one that you get a lot back from – maybe one day!


I have never surfed in my life, the closest I’ve got is catching a wave on a bodyboard which in reality is nothing like surfing. The area I will be staying in is well known for surfing and has a few surf schools where you can learn to surf for half a day or a full day. The courses don’t come cheap but it’s something I have always wanted to try and in a prime surf location it would be silly not to give it a go.

I will be taking a lesson with my nephew who I think will also enjoy learning to surf, he loves being in the sea and using his body board so this will be a great way to see if he enjoys surfing safely. The holiday park also has a surfing simulator but at £25 for an hour it’s almost as much as half a day surf lesson so we might have to give that a miss.


I have been kayaking in the sea on a past holiday to Cornwall and it was a really enjoyable experience. The great thing about Kayaking is that it’s easy to pick up so everyone can enjoy a trip around the bay in a kayak, it’s also relatively inexpensive to hire a kayak although this can add up if you want to hire a wetsuit too.

I think kayaking is a great way to enjoy an afternoon at the beach, it adds a little exercise in the day and is a lovely way to take in the sights and sounds of the beach and neighbouring area.

High Rope Adventure

I wouldn’t say I’m scared of heights, at least not when my feet are firmly on the ground! It’s a slightly different story when I’m high up with just a rope stopping me from plummeting to the ground but it doesn’t stop me enjoying high rope courses, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie if I’m honest.

The last time I was faced with heights was when I was on holiday in Scotland and there was a freefall climbing pole where you climbed the pole then jumped off with a harness behind you so it feels like you’re freefalling. Although it was definitely something that got the adrenaline pumping it was something I really enjoyed, in fact, I had a second go! There’s a high ropes adventure course on one of the sites at Woolacombe Bay which I will be enjoying alongside my nephew and sister who also enjoy high rope courses.

Whale and dolphin watching

I have already mentioned my love of animals and this is an activity I’m really looking forward to during the holiday. There are several different options ranging from a short one hour trip to a full day out at sea, I think an hour or two would be great I just hope the animals play ball.

There’s something so beautiful about seeing animals you don’t see every day up close and in their natural habitat, it’s a lovely experience. Although it would be a little disappointing not to see any dolphins or whales it would still be a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and take in our beautiful coastline.

Do you prefer to relax on holiday or are you always busy enjoying activities?

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