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5 Affordable Updates to Help Sell your House Quickly

If you’re looking to sell your house the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on it when you’re not going to get the benefit but a few affordable updates could help you sell your house quickly.

We all know the importance of reducing clutter and increasing curb appeal when trying to sell a property but knowing exactly where to start and what to update can be problematic. Below I have listed a few affordable updates to help you sell your house which will hopefully get you started and help you make the move to your new home.

You could also speak to your estate agent and ask their advice on small changes you can make to help you sell your property quickly, it’s in their interest to sell it as quickly as possible too. Why not find your nearest Andrews online branch where you can speak to someone in person who can give you advice on selling your house. Andrews Online also has a lot of great resources on their website where you can find home staging tips, advice on unlocking the value in your home and much more which could prove extremely helpful.

Update your kitchen cabinets
A kitchen is one of the main areas that buyers will be interested in when viewing a potential new home but don’t worry if you have a small kitchen or it’s a little dated, there are a few simple things you can do to make it appealing to buyers.

If your kitchen cabinets are dated then why not give them a lick of paint to make them look modern and bright, you could also update cabinet and drawer handles. Remember to pick a neutral colour which will keep your kitchen looking bright and airy. Try to keep counters free from clutter to make your kitchen look bright and spacious, this will allow buyers to envisage their own products in your house.

Increase curb appeal
The outside of your home is as important as the inside and first impressions really count when selling your house. Simple things such as clearing your garden of any old/broken items, cutting the grass and clearing leaves can be all it takes to give a great first impression.

If it requires a bit more work then you could sow grass seed on any patchy areas, plant a few flowers and if you have a wooden fence you could consider giving it a fresh lick of paint to ensure it’s looking its best.

Create a tranquil bathroom
A bathroom is the second most important room in the home to a buyer so creating a space that’s clean and relaxing is important. If you have an old style bathroom suite it’s not something you will want to replace before moving as this could cost upwards of £3,000. The good news is you can update your bathroom suite for a fraction of that price using specialist paint.

Update old light switches and sockets
If your light switches and sockets are in need of an upgrade then now is the perfect time to do that. These items can be picked up cheaply and can help make your home look modern. You could also consider purchasing sockets which have a USB connection, this is something that is likely to appeal to buyers.

Clean carpets and restore wood flooring
Whether you have carpets, wood flooring or a mixture of the two, ensuring your floors are clean is a must when selling your home. Hiring a carpet cleaner is relatively inexpensive and could make a huge difference to how your house looks and feels. Concentrate on high traffic areas such as entrance ways, stairs and your living room.

If you have wood flooring, ensuring they are clean and looking their best is essential. This is something you can do yourself with a bit of elbow grease or you could hire a floor cleaner/buffer to ensure it’s a quick and easy job. If you have chips in your flooring this could detract from the overall look of your home so it’s worth considering buying a repair kit to fix these issues and have your floor looking it’s best.

Will you be using any of the tips above to update your house? If you have any tips you would like to share I would love to hear them.

*This is a collaborative post.

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    Fantastic tips. Not looking to sell yet, but when we are these will help.

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