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Bathroom Storage Solutions

You might remember my decorating tips for small bathrooms post from last month, since then I haven’t been able to shake wanting to revamp my bathroom. I like the colour and it doesn’t need re-painted, but it could look much better with a little bit of styling and some storage. I have quite a small bathroom so storage is a novelty, it also means I need to think outside the box and utilise what space I have.

Since I decided I wanted to revamp the bathroom I have been looking for clever storage ideas and ways I can make it more relaxing and less cluttered. I have found a lot of great ideas so thought I would share my favourite 5 bathroom storage solutions below. Hopefully, they will give you some ideas and inspiration if you’re also looking for ways to declutter and add more storage to your bathroom.

Door space

If you have a small bathroom and nowhere to hang your towels why not add some towel rails or hooks to the back of the door. The space taken up with the rails won’t be missed and you’ll have somewhere handy to hang your towels out of the way and keep things neat.

Bathroom Cabinets

Rather than having just a mirror in your bathroom why not invest in a bathroom cabinet. It will take up the same space as a mirror but give you more storage. It makes the perfect storage space for medicines and things you want to keep out of reach. You can buy cabinets in different shapes, colours and sizes so you’re sure to find something suitable. Bathrooms.com have a great selection of bathroom cabinets if you want to see what’s available.

Hanging storage

If wall and floor space is a minimum you might want to think about hanging storage solutions. Since looking for ideas, I have come across some really nice hanging storage solutions.

Under Sink Storage

The space underneath the sink is a wasted space really. If you don’t already have an under the sink unit, it’s definitely worth looking into getting one. They are idea if you are looking for storage in a downstairs toilet where there isn’t space for freestanding units.

Above Door Shelf

An above the door shelf is a great storage idea, especially for small bathrooms where space is limited. It’s out of the way and it also means products on the shelf are out of reach of little hands.

If you’re looking for more ideas and inspiration take a look at my Bathroom Storage Ideas Pinterest board where you will find a great selection of storage ideas for bathrooms of all sizes.

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