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5 Benefits Of Installing Roof Windows

If you’re looking to convert your attic or upgrade your attic windows and you’re looking to find out more about roof windows and their benefits, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, I will be sharing just some of the benefits of installing roof windows in your home.

Personally, I would love to have an office in my attic, it’s something I have blogged about and something I hope to achieve in the future. I love the bright and airy feel that roof windows give in an attic and I think they make the perfect office space.

Natural light

If lack of natural light is an issue in your home then roof windows could be a welcome solution. Due to the angle of roof windows, they let in a lot of natural light when compared with standard windows. Not only is natural light essential for creating a light and airy room, but it has been proven that natural light can help improve mood and wellbeing.

Energy saving

Roof windows also have better energy balance and can help save you money on your bills. Thanks to the amount of natural light they let in your will find that you don’t have to use your lights as much. The roof windows also let in a lot of sunlight which helps heat up the room, even during the winter months which means you don’t have to turn on the heating as much. They can even be double or triple glazed to help keep the heat in and noises out.

Increased ventilation

Good ventilation is essential in any room. Nobody wants to sit in a room that’s stuffy with no airflow, especially if it’s a bedroom and you’re struggling to sleep. Roof windows, such as those from Velux can help improve airflow in a room, this helps create a room which is comfortable and enjoyable to be in. Good ventilation can also help you feel relaxed and refreshed.


This might not be something you consider when installing windows, but with homes being built so closely together, privacy is something we all want. Normal windows can be overlooked and don’t provide much privacy from surrounding houses. That’s why many people are opting for Velux roof windows which can provide more privacy due to their angle, especially important in rooms such as a bathroom where you want amply light but privacy.

Low maintenance

Most roof windows are designed to be low maintenance and require only a small amount of upkeep to ensure they stay looking their best. It’s suggested that a yearly re-lacquering of the wood is carried out, hinges are greased regularly and cleaning of the surrounding wood. Velux roof windows have been designed to make cleaning easy and have a cleaning mode which lets you rotate the window for easy cleaning.

Have you got roof windows or is it something you’re considering?

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