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5 Easy Fashion Tips To Go From Work To A Date

Having a date lined up can be exciting, but also nervous – particularly if it will be for shortly after you have left work, giving you little time in which to change into new clothing. However, there are lots of different fashion choices that can, to a surprising degree, work well both in the office and when meeting up with your long term spouse, a new partner, or a potential significant other. Here are some tips that both men and women can benefit from following for after-work dates.

Men: stay classy with work trousers

Naturally, smart is a look that can pay dividends in a setting as formal as a workplace – and it can also be effective on a first date or anniversary date. To the lady, the message will be clear: you want to impress. The Idle Man suggests a black shirt worn under a grey suit matched with some slim fit grey trousers. You can buy a set of such trousers from Dickies Life, an online clothes retailer.

Women: avoid trousers to look confident

While trousers look aptly professional for a working girl, women jumping straight from the office to a date should instead wear a skirt or dress. The Daily Mail mentions a University of Hertfordshire study where skirt-wearing women were, among 300 people making snap judgements, deemed more confident and successful than women in trousers comprising an identical fabric. That makes skirts great for leaving a positive impression on both the boss and a date.

Women: don’t choose overly trendy clothing

Love closely following fashion trends? For both work and your date, you might want to leave that new skirt or pair of shoes that are very “in”. Fashion psychologist Kate Nightingale told the Daily Mail: “In relationship terms, this is shorthand for “high maintenance”.

Types of female clothing that, in a poll, have been revealed as unattractive to men include jumpsuits, leggings, furry Ugg boots, and harem pants. Of course, such eccentric choices of attire probably also wouldn’t go down well in many workplaces.

What about keeping it casual?

If you work in a creative field, like graphic design, you would probably routinely wear more casual clothing at work than you would if, for instance, your job was at a bank. Indeed, if you tend to sport the likes of a t-shirt, jeans, and trainers in the office, you could keep those clothes on for a date in a similarly non-formal setting, like a cinema or the local pub. However, there remains some room for experimentation in your clothing – including choosing between traditional and bold colours.

An outdoor look for an outdoor date

Should some of your work clothing veer close to “outdoorsy”, you could also continue wearing it if the date will be out in the open – so, at a local park, for instance. A short-sleeved shirt can particularly help you appear smart but not overdressed. As for its colour, I would recommend blue or navy; black will attract heat and so make you too sweaty.

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