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5 Expert Tips on How to Create a Relaxing Sleeping Environment

If you follow my blog, then you’ll know that this year I am transforming my home on a budget. One of the next rooms for me to tackle is my bedroom, so I’ve been chatting to Joy Richards, Sleep Specialist at Happy Beds, and hearing her top design tips for a relaxing sleeping environment.

1. Consider Colours Carefully  

It’s often tempting to pick up a pot of paint in your favourite hue or to base your colour scheme around existing items you own, however it’s important to consider colour in more detail.  

Colour psychology dictates red stimulates your pulse rate, yellow will lift your spirits, whereas pink is extremely feminine and can therefore be emasculating. I’d recommend choosing colours such as a muted green which represents restful nature or a soft blue which is soothing and calms the mind.  

2. Choose Comfort Over Style  

Yes, we all may think we’re secretly the next Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, however comfort truly does top style when it comes to snoozing. Of course, if you can get a bed and soft furnishings which do both… even better.  

Do your research on mattresses and invest in one that suits your sleep needs. An open coil pocket sprung mattress is ideal support if you have a bad back, whereas a soft memory foam mattress is often preferred by people who sleep on their side.  

When it comes to bedding, cotton is always a winner, whereas plush throw pillows are a luxurious extra for dressing your bed.  

3. Admire Your View with a Window Seat  

Imagine lying comfortably by a wide window, basking in the sun, admiring the wildlife and watching the world go by. Sounds blissful right?  

If you have a bay in your bedroom, this is the ideal spot to relax and while away the hours with a good book and a cuppa. If you could build a window seat with storage, then even better – this is a handy place to store spare blankets and pillows.  

But, if a window seat simply isn’t doable, why not place a comfortable chair nearby instead? Drape with a throw and team with a dainty footrest for a relaxing spot that won’t take up too much floor space.  

4. Shut Out the Day with Blackout Curtains  

Daylight is essential for boosting energy and mood – hence the window seat – however, when you’re looking to relax it can stimulate your body and prevent you from sleeping. This can be particularly annoying if you have a south-facing bedroom, as light will stream through 16 hours a day during the summer months.  

That’s where the magic of blackout blinds and curtains come in. Thick, opaque window coverings will both keep warmth in during the winter and block out light, meaning you can relax and slumber pretty much any time of day.  

5. Get Back to Basics and Have a Sort Out  

Last, but not least, grab that recycling bag and have a good old fashioned clear out. Chaotic clutter can be stressful and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to truly relax if you put off tidying up. So, set aside an afternoon and get decluttering! Your local charity shop will surely be grateful for the donations.  

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