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5 Flats that have to be seen to be believed

As the population grows and the available space we have to live becomes smaller, it’s inevitable that we will have to come up with new concepts to allow for the increase in population. This could include building more flats which provide more homes but take up less space than other properties such as houses.

In the UK, flats already account for a large portion of homes, in fact, the Government estimates there are 2.75 million private leasehold flats in England which is about an eighth of all dwellings. That’s not taking into account the number of flats in Scotland and Wales.

I recently read a really interesting article by blocks of flats insurance specialists Deacon about 10 weird and wonderful things about flats it talked about some flat facts and also showcased some unique flats that are around. Below you can read all about 5 flats that have to be seen to be believed, there truly are some incredible buildings out there and some that are yet to be created but the visions are amazing.

1. Milan’s forest in the sky

There’s no denying that highrise flats can look unsightly but that’s definitely not the case for two apartment buildings in the heart of Milan. These incredible buildings are home to over 20,000 trees and plants creating a verticle forest in the sky, a sight you have to see to believe. Not only do the award-winning buildings look amazing but the many trees and plants adorning the buildings will help to reduce pollution thanks to their ability to absorb microparticles and CO2.

 2. A flat that time forgot

Getting a glimpse into the past is something that fascinates many of us, seeing how people lived years ago, the items they used etc. One apartment in the south of France gave us a taste of life from years gone by after it was abandoned by its owner in 1934 for her never to return. The property was abandoned by Marthe de Florian in 1934 before the outbreak of WWII and wasn’t discovered until the owner of the building passed away in 2010. Only then was the incredible scene discovered, a flat that had remained untouched for 76 years and gave us a glimpse into the past.

 3. A train running through the middle of flats

Many people would be put off by the thought of a train being located near their property so spare a thought for residents in some of Chinas high rise tower blocks which have a train running through the middle of the building! With space in short supply, engineers didn’t let the fact a train line was running through the area stop them from building the tower blocks in Chongqing. Instead, they engineered a way for the train to safely run through the property, the building is also home to a station on levels 6,7 and 8. While the thought of a noisy train and railway station located in the building might put off some people there’s no denying that the morning commute would be considerably easier!

 4. A shape changing tower block

This might sound like the scene from a sci-fi movie but a shapeshifting tower block is set to be built in Dubai by 2020 according to architectural firm Dynamic Group. The 80 storey building will let residents choose to rotate their home which will change the shape of the building and the resident’s view of the city, residents will also be able to control the direction and rate of rotation. 

5. The upsidedown pyramid

Architects are looking at the possibility of building a building down rather than up, so how does that work? In 2011 the so-called Earthscraper for Mexico City was mooted, a 35-storey upside down pyramid. Architects still want to construct the incredible property but first, they have to overcome a lot of practical and structural challenges. The building would be built 300 metres below ground with 10 storeys for homes shops and a museum, as well as 35 storeys for offices. With space at a premium is a property which builds down rather than up the answer?

Which property from the list above would you like to live in most?

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