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5 Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime 

A terrible night’s sleep can leave you feeling miserable, out-of-energy and completely rotten the next day. So, if you often find yourself tossing and turning in your double bed in the early hours, then I am sure there are plenty of methods that you would’ve tried to improve your snooze.  

Food always tastes better at night, which is why I always tend to snack a little later in the evening. However, if you’re tossing and turning in your double bed at night, then maybe swapping your late-night snacks for something else might help. While lavender and counting sheep may work for some, changing your diet may be the next best solution to improving your sleep habits. 

Here are five foods that you should consider giving up if you want a sounder sleep:  


The saying goes that eating cheese before bed gives you terrible nightmares, but is this true? Well, while nightmares are more common after tucking into a delicious cheeseboard, the reason for this is because cheese increases your chances of having a dream in general.  

So, if you’re constantly finding yourself waking up after falling down a black hole or getting chased by an evil witch, then perhaps put down the Applewood and opt for something a little less cheesy and maybe it will help you sleep.  

Coffee and Sugary Drinks 

Coffee obviously contains caffeine which is great for the morning to give you energy, but not so great in the evenings when you are trying to get some shut-eye. The darker you have your coffee and the more you drink, the livelier you’ll be, and you’ll struggle to relax.  

And don’t even think about switching your Americano for a can of full-fat cola. The caffeine and added sugars can do just as much, if not more, damage than a black coffee. If you think your drink habit is keeping you up, then opt for a sugar-free, decaffeinated drink.  


Considering cereal was intentionally created for the start of the day, for some reason it always tastes ten times better at night. However, the colourful, sugar-filled cereals do not help you get a great snooze. After eating sugary cereal such as Coco-Pops, Frosties and Fruit Loops, your blood sugar levels will increase which will, of course, provide you with more energy, therefore keeping you awake.  


As amazing as they are, there is no denying that they are filled with fat. The fat that is included in the likes of a cheeseburger could actually stop you from having a long, deep sleep. A study by the University of Minnesota revealed that a high-fat diet will result in sleeping for longer although this sleep is fragmented and may result in day-time naps.  


There have been so many times where I have said, “I will have a glass of wine to help me get to sleep”, but the actual fact is that alcohol can prevent a solid night’s sleep and can cause you to wake up several times. 

The reason behind this is because alcohol metabolises quickly in your system. It can also make you snore more, so your other half won’t be too pleased! 

This post was written in collaboration with Happy Beds 

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