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5 Free And Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

The summer holidays have officially started and although for the next week or so little ones will revel in the fact there’s no school or homework to worry about, the inevitable boredom will inevitably set in. That’s when it’s best to have a few ideas up your sleeves to keep your children entertained during the 6 week holidays. I have listed a few ideas below which could help keep your kids entertained, at least for a little while and what’s more they’re all free.

Mini Olympics

Why not play host to the mini Olympics for your little sports stars, all in the comfort of your garden. Wellie throwing, sack races, egg & spoon racing, there are a lot of simple but fun activities you can enjoy that will keep your little ones entertained and that won’t cost you anything. If you don’t have a garden why not head to the best athletics tracks in your area and have a few fun races there.

Treasure Hunt

My nephews both love searching for things in the garden, I spent hours last time hiding small items and letting them find them. You could hide small objects they will recognise, or perhaps small bags of sweets for them to find. Take into account your children’s age when choosing where to hide the items, if they’re too hard to find they will become bored and uninterested. You could write clues for older children to keep the hunt going for a little longer.


Similar to a treasure hunt but on a much bigger scale. Why not put on your hiking shoes, download a geocaching app and head off into your local neighbourhood looking for hidden treasure. The app will give you the general location of a hidden item and clues to help you find it, you then search until you find it and mark it as found once you find it. The items are hidden by other app users and there are thousands of hidden items all over the country so there are sure to be a few nearby.

Make a den

Who doesn’t love making a den? This is a great activity for everyone to get involved with and if you make the den in the morning you could have your lunch and dinner in there too. All you need is a few sheets and somewhere to hang them, a washing line or pole if outside or perhaps a table and chairs if you’re setting it up inside. This is a great rainy day activity too as it can be done indoors.

Get creative

There’s something that children love about things on a large scale. Why not get creative and messy in the garden this summer holidays. You could use chalk to create a masterpiece on the pavement, or why not tape several sheets of paper together then have your children lie down so you can trace their outline. You can then let them loose with paint, pencils and even some glitter to make a life sized portrait. This is guaranteed to get your little ones excited, who doesn’t love getting messy. You could also make a rock pet or two, find a large rock and paint it to create a very cute rock pet.

What’s your favourite summer activity to keep your children entertained?

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