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5 Great Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom


Reclaim your bedroom! A cramped and cluttered home can have a negative effect on your mental health, spirituality and happiness, so declutter your bedroom with these helpful tips.

  1.  Be Ruthless

One of the hardest things about decluttering any space is throwing away things that you’re emotionally attached to. This seems to be a particular problem with clothing; come on, we all have loads of stuff in our wardrobes that we never wear.

While keeping items of clothing which are emotionally linked to your happiest memories is important, keeping a jumper because “I wore it that time I saw James Corden in Waitrose” is not on. Be ruthless when clearing clothes from your wardrobe by asking yourself “would I be worse off without this?” If the answer is no, off to the charity shop it goes.

2. Set yourself Ambitious Objectives

Get into the right mindset before your start decluttering. Rather than freestyling, start with 5 empty boxes or bin bags you hope to fill. This is a great way to get rid of items that you’re unsure about; those boxes won’t fill themselves.

Alternatively, set yourself a cash target for items you want to sell on second hand sites such as eBay. Set a target with a purchase in mind such as a meal in a great restaurant to add extra incentive.

3. Replace Waste of Space Furniture

Large, cumbersome furnishings may be taking up more room than they can justify. Replacing these with more space-efficient items can help free up additional space.  Think beds with built-in storage, like these ones from FADS, which you can use to store everything from bulky bedding to winter coats.

4. Get the Family Involved

Admittedly, sometimes you just want to get on with the task in hand with no distractions. But getting the family involved in decluttering a space can make the whole process seem less daunting. Share the burden, halve the stress.

5. File Away the Clutter

Now is the perfect time to organise all those loose documents, bills, invites, paper keepsakes and all other bits of the paper trail. An effective and efficient all-in-one filing system can help declutter the bedroom and help you find important documents when you need them rather than stressfully rooting through all the drawers.

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    August 18, 2014 at 11:01 am

    This is just what I need in my life! My bedroom is driving me mad at the moment, it feels like a dumping ground 🙁 – going to have a clear out this weekend for sure.

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