5 Harbour Locations in Australia You Can Book for Your Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and planning for it takes months of hard work. From booking the right venue to the flower arrangements, catering and designing the altar where you and your partner will say “I Do”, there are dozens of small details that you need to look after. 

It’s all right to be a little overwhelmed but as long as you don’t turn into a bridezilla, everything will be fine. Let’s face it; most of the wedding details are taken care of by women, which get a little difficult for them when they are trying to make sure that everything is on the right track. 

What if all you needed to do was book the location and the rest would be automatically taken care of according to your specifications? Let’s talk about the wedding venue: 

Would you be interested in having a wedding on a cruise? 

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? This will be “THE” wedding everyone will be talking about for years. Following are five Harbour wedding cruises that you should definitely think about booking: 

Boat Harbour Motel – Wollongong Harbour 

How about a wedding cruise that will end at the Boat Harbour Motel near the Wollongong Harbour? You can say your wows on the cruise and then spend your honeymoon at the motel’s finest honeymoon suite. You can later on hold the reception at their courtyard and have a scenic view of the Wollongong harbour. Moreover, tell your guests to spend some time on the beach and go for a swim while you spend some alone time with your hubby. 

Darling Harbour 

The Darling Harbour is another magical place that will give you a great wedding experience. From clinking celebratory champagne glasses in the beautiful Chinese Garden of Friendship to having your first dance in the grand ballroom, from where you can enjoy the sweeping views, this wedding will be in a word: perfect. You can book any hotel of your liking through the cruise and the mover the wedding indoors once the “I Dos” have been said. 

Sydney Harbour Wedding Cruise 

The Sydney harbour wedding cruise is perhaps one the best locations to have your wedding. You can tailor the cruise according to your budget and have complete control over everything from the décor to the buffet, drinks and seating. A professional photographer will be onsite to capture your memories, as you share the first kiss with your husband. 

Break Free – Coffs Harbour  

This romantic, secluded and peaceful inn offers the most unique setting for wedded couples. Located near the Coffs Harbour, a cruise to this beach resort gives new meaning to a “beach wedding”. The private excess and breathtaking view from the resort is what most people come here for. You can reach this magical land through the Pacific Highway and while you are on your cruise, do enjoy all the amenities and facilities you get on board. 

Sapphire Coast – Bermagui Harbour 

Another great catch is the Bermagui Harbour, where you can have your wedding. Wedding cruises by the Sapphire Coast offers various packages that include many facilities such as a venue, photographers, travel on the day, caterers and accommodation at the hotel. There are many things to do near this harbour such as family tours and activities and lazing your day on the beach. 

So, there you go…. five wedding cruises that you can enjoy on the harbours of Australia.

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