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5 Irresistible Ideas To Set Up Zen Zones Within Offices

The world, as we know it today, is full of competition and over ambition and a continuous zeal to be ahead in the rat race, in turn bringing a lot of stress, unhealthiness, both physically and mentally and the loss of peace of mind. Everyone, in some way or other, is looking for an escape from this extremely exhausting way of life and this is where the concept of meditation has caught up, and anyone who has resorted to this has benefitted significantly. The age-old concept of meditation has been known by different names in different cultures, but the core meaning of it remains the same. According to the Mahayana Buddhism culture, it is called Zen, a perfect amalgamation of intuition, meditation and self-contemplation and not faith or devotion. This is mainly practiced in Japan, Vietnam, Korea and China but slowly it is gathering popularity in the western countries as well.  


The place where a person spends a considerable amount of time these days is his/her office space. It is only logical that a Zen-friendly office is created that will not only reduce the burden of the employees but also increase their productivity at work. These places are called zen zones, and the concept is being embraced by more and more companies as the positives out of it are there to see for everybody, including better communication, more creativity, and collaboration. So if a zen zone has to be set up in an office, certain tips are to be kept in mind, being budget-friendly being a major one. 5 amazing ideas to set up zen zones within offices are- 

Put on motivational prints 

The power of words is something that is very significant in the philosophy of zen and has always been an integral part of it. It generally stems from the concept of a mantra- a phrase or set of words repeated multiple times in a certain way which will help in the practice of meditation. This mantra-like experience can be created for the people of the office by putting up motivational stylized Zen prints wherever possible and at places commonly accessible to all. Whenever a person comes across these mantras or phrases almost daily, it will go a long way in promoting calmness and tranquility to your mindset that will infuse a lot of positive energy. The artificial plant wholesale is your perfect substitute for greenery in your office space. 

Put artificial plants inside 

One of the most important parts of Zen philosophy is the environment and it plays a major role in shaping a positive mindset for you. It is always better to put living plants which not only gives a more original look to the green space but also provides a clean environment but sometimes you may not have the green thumb, or for some reason, you might not be able to maintain the plants in your office. Plants need dedicated nurturing which may become a little difficult for you. A substitute is always present. These substitutes are called faux plants, which not only contribute to the decor of the office but also help to channelize the mindset in a proper zen way. Make wholesale artificial flower arrangements on the wall of your office to give it an aesthetic look.  

Chill with a water feature in your office 

Your office space might get heated to uncomfortable levels during the summer seasons. Zen zones in office provide the perfect solution to this problem. Water plays a pivotal role in the philosophy involving Zen as it is a symbol of the dual nature of energy and mind. One efficient method to use water to create a zen zone is to let a tranquil flow of water down the front of a window which is generally facing the Sun so that light appears differently from different angles throughout the day. This not only helps you beat the heat, it increases the aesthetic quotient of your office significantly and also makes it a sought-after spot for concentration, brainstorming, solving problems, writing, and contemplation. 

Use aromatherapy 

Heightening your senses is also an important aspect of the Zen philosophy and the sense of smell is one of the strongest senses which are capable of evoking powerful emotions and memories. It also emphasizes on the mindfulness required to hone the senses. Thus aromatherapy is a significant approach to creating the perfect zen zone in office. Aromatherapy is basically the art of using different types of scents to relieve stress and calm the mind which, in turn, helps in focus better. This can either be done with aromatic oils, but aromatherapy diffusers and incense sticks can also be used to create the vibe perfect for zen in your office. Faux plants like fake bamboo trees and fake topiary trees are the most common, but you can adapt certain measures to make them look as real as possible, like planting them in a pot and putting real mud in it and also cleaning it from time to time. 

Go for noise filtration 

If your office is in an open space, it is but natural to have a lot of humdrum of noises which can affect your work rate and quality. Therefore, cancellation of noise is effective in increasing your focus in work like for writing or designing. Miniature pods can be installed in the office which is soundproof and offers minimum distraction and thus makes it perfect for any kind of ideation and construction of innovative prospects in the office. You might have been looking forward to using artificial silk trees for decoration, now is the time.  

Concluding Thoughts 

Since office space is the place where you need to be most productive and also have a calm mind at the same time, creating the perfect zen zones are of utmost importance to work towards this cause. The 5 ideas above will go a long way in establishing these zen zones and make your office a more holistic one.

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