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5 Items I Want To Add To My Bedroom

I can’t wait to finally start decorating my bedroom, it has been a long time coming and I should finally be able to start decorating in the next couple of months, now that I have an idea of what I actually want and money for the items I need/want. I have recently been helping my mum decorate and it has given me some inspiration for my home and the motivation to get started.

The first thing I will be doing is painting the walls, they’re currently cream but I want to paint them in a lovely light grey. I will be adding colour to the room with bedding, throws, cushions and wall prints. I also have a few new items I would love to buy and add to my room, some I will be adding after I have decorated, others will have to wait but I’m excited to see the finished result.

TV bed

I’ll admit that I love watching TV, whether that be documentaries, reality tv or binge-watching a series on Netflix. You’re more likely to find me in front of the TV than with my nose in a book that’s for sure. At present, I only have a TV in my living room but I would love to add a TV to my bedroom where I could relax on a morning or evening and watch tv in bed – bliss.

I got a new bed around 5 years ago but thanks to my cat using it as a scratching post it’s looking a little worse for wear. I absolutely love it but I would like to replace it in the near future. I currently have a king size bed and with my other furniture, there isn’t much room for anything else, such as a TV. For that reason, I would love a king-sized TV bed. It would mean I don’t have to find extra space for the TV to go on a unit or wall and when I’m not watching it I can simply hide it away out of sight. TV beds come in a lot of different sizes, designs and colours so I know I will be able to find something I like, there’s a stunning slate grey coloured bed I love which even has storage and USB charging!

A dimmer light

I love relaxing in my bedroom in the evening and will often watch a tv show on my laptop while in bed, there’s nothing better than some down time after a long day. I often watch the shows with the light on in the evening because I’m worried about straining my eyes but I would prefer to be able to dim the lighting somewhat, that’s why I have decided I will either have a dimmer switch installed or purchase a smart bulb which will let me control the level of light.

A comfortable chair

Last year I bought a dressing table which I love but the chair I use at the moment isn’t very comfortable which means I tend to get ready sat on my bed, this defeats the whole point of buying the dressing table. I really want to start using the dressing table more so I have decided to buy a comfortable chair for that purpose. I found a gorgeous blush pink tub chair on Amazon which will be the one I buy after I have decorated unless I find something I love more between now and then.

Blackout curtains/blinds

Now that the days are getting lighter earlier, I have noticed the light is coming into the room much earlier which is waking me up. This isn’t a huge issue during the week when I have to get up to start the day but on the weekend when I want a lie in I’m finding I’m being woken up with the light flooding in. For that reason I will be purchasing a blackout blind or curtains, I haven’t quite decided which yet but I am looking forward to my room being pitch black and hopefully being able to have a lie in.

A salt lamp

I recently wrote about the benefits of salt lamps, not only do they look lovely and give off a soft glow but they are said to provide health benefits too. I think they are really unique items with no two being the same, they give off a lovely soft light which is great for the bedroom at night and they come in a variety of sizes which means I don’t need a lot of space – perfect for my bedroom.

What item would you love to add to your bedroom?

*This is a collaborative post.

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