There are some things in life you can never be prepared for. Good and bad surprises happen all the time and we have no choice but to deal with them as best as we can. However, there is one way we can always be prepared; money. Having a rainy-day fund will mean you always have a backup plan when you need it. But, what is a rainy-day fund useful for? Clue: It isn’t take-aways.


Your First Home

You can never really be prepared for the costs of buying a new home. From the deposit to the solicitors fees, you’re bound to forget to budget the cost of something into your moving plan. You may want to look into low cost conveyancing to save some money. It can take months to recover from the expenses of moving, and further months to furnish the house or change things.

A Baby

They say that babies don’t come with manuals. Well, they don’t come with anything else either. You be fortunate enough to receive some second-hand goods from family and friends but a baby will still need to be kitted out with essentials like a cot, bottles, clothing, nappies. And, they only get more expensive as time goes on. It’s a financial adjustment in every sense, from how much water you use to how much your food shopping bill is every week.


A Car

It doesn’t matter what car you buy, it won’t ever be guaranteed for life. You may be lucky enough to always have reliable cars but most of us will have at least one bad car experience. The type of car that spends more time in the garage than on the road. It’s another expense you can never really be prepared for because you’ll never be able to predict when someone goes wrong. Putting money aside will ensure this isn’t too big of a stress if and when it happens.

Broken Machines

Just like cars, fridge freezers don’t last forever either. In fact, nothing in your kitchen will. The washing machine, toaster, kettle, microwave, tumble dryer. They’re all susceptible to breaking at any point. It may just be that you need to get them fixed or they need to be completely replaced. The point is, we get used to using these items on a daily basis, so living without them while saving money could be really hard work. Here’s some tips on keeping your fridge for as long as possible.

A Death

It’s awful to think about, but a death in the family can be expensive. If your parents or grandparents haven’t put money aside for their funeral expenses, it may be up to you to come up with the cash. You may have to pay for the service, flowers, transport and unexpected costs like clearing your loved one’s house.

You can never be prepared for everything that life throws at you but having some money put away can make things much easier, even if it’s just so you can afford to have a break.

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