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5 Often Forgotten Things To Save Money In The Home

With household budgets being tight these days with salaries squeezed and prices rising it’s always a great idea to find ways to save money around the house. We’ll take a good look at a few ways to save some money and make some slack in the budget.

Home Cooking

One sure way of saving money is to cook from scratch which not only a money saver, it can be 3 to 5 times more expensive to buy in or use convenience food, but it also has a real health benefit as the levels of salt, fat, sugar etc are far lower (assuming you’re cooking healthily obviously). Another key way of keeping the cost down is to be sure to use local, in season, ingredients which save cost and keeps your carbon footprint down. You can also cook bulk batches to freeze for use later in the week, as bulk cooking is much more economical than one meal at a time.

Look At Your Utility Bills & See Where You Can Save

It’s a well-known fact that utility providers such as broadband, gas and electricity don’t always give the best deals to loyal customers but rather only reward new customers with time-limited introductory offers so this means that it’s always best to shop around at renewal time. You should be looking at making a detailed comparison to find a better deal on your broadband.

Have A Clear-Out

Having a good old fashioned clear out is a great way to not only free up some space but you can also find a huge amount of items to sell that are around the home from such as antiques, books, records, clothes and much more. Make a list and anything you haven’t used in over a year ask yourself if you ever will use it again? The answer will often be no, so why not cash in?

Be Frugal When Clothing The Kids

Kids clothing can be a huge expense, especially considering how quickly they seem to grow out of everything. Thankfully there are various ways you can save money on kids clothes from buying second hand to swapping and always looking to find offers, sales and vouchers to make savings. Especially for young children avoid brands as they won’t know what they’re wearing and grow out of them very quickly. As with any other clothes buy ahead out of season for good discounts and you’ll be saving in no time.

Engage In Free Or Cheap Leisure Activities

It’s easy to find free or cheap leisure activities for the whole family. Thankfully many of these have the added advantage of being healthy as well such as outdoor activities, go to the park, take a country walk in a national park or go running or cycling. Visit museums or art galleries which are often free or just ask for a suggested donation. When going on holiday consider a staycation to save money on expensive travel.

So with these tips it will be very achievable to ease the family budgets and save some cash.

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